Written by Daniel Swafford, OneNet Service Desk Engineer

It migDaniel Swafford - OneNet Service Desk Engineerht be cliché and it may be over used, but I can honestly say that no two days are the same working as a OneNet Service Desk Engineer. The variety comes from being constantly challenged with different scenarios, which is the main reason why I enjoy what I do.

A typical day for me starts with a review of my open tickets, which is my to-do task list. These can vary from user creations to virtual machine builds, and everything in between. I never know what ticket might come my way, making each day a new and exciting challenge.

You might be thinking where do I even start? How do I prioritise this varied list of clients needing something fixed, looked at or implemented? Obviously to start at the top and work my way down sounds logical, but it is not always that simple. The key things I do to assess this workflow each day is;

  1. Urgency of job – how much impact is this having?
  2. Time to resolve – can I fix this quickly?
  3. Known issue – is this an ongoing problem?

After this quick assessment, I have well and truly started my day. It would be easy to think that I get to work through a static list of jobs and get to call it a day at 5pm, but I know I would find that too boring! I get to juggle this list with new calls or emails throughout the day, all without any warning as to what will come through next.

A good day is when I not only get the satisfaction of helping solve lots of issues for clients, but I get to add value to a user’s experience as well. But, as with everything, there are some not so smooth days.

These are the days when I just can’t seem to fix something in two hours when I originally thought it would only have taken two minutes. Sometimes there are jobs that seem like a simple request, but as I go down the rabbit hole, I quickly find that things might not be as they seem.

However, there haven’t been any requests that I haven’t been able to eventually figure out, whether it is by conducting my own research or working collaboratively with the awesome team at OneNet, who are an encyclopedia of knowledge within themselves.

Along with these important day-to-day tasks I also work on larger projects where I get to grow my knowledge and skillset. The current project I’m working on is redistributing our exchange environment to prepare for future growth. This entails a lot of planning, project management, meeting deadlines as well as understanding the application and infrastructure. I thrive on this kind of work, as it lets me get ‘behind the scenes’ to build my knowledge.

So if I am assigned to anything from a simple task to working on a larger project for you, please don’t be intimidated. Service Desk Engineers are not to be feared – I am here to help. I will listen to your specific needs and work hard to resolve any issues to ensure your user experience is more effective and hassle free.

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