Moving to the cloud

Whether cloud computing is new to your organisation, or you are seeking to extend your reach into the cloud, OneNet is a trusted partner that you can rely upon.

There are several key steps involved in ensuring that your organisation has a smooth and successful migration to, or expansion into, the cloud.


As a first step, the OneNet team will engage with you and listen carefully to you to understand your challenges and objectives.  We will provide competent advice that you may rely upon to assist you in understanding your options, benefits, risks and costs involved in moving some or all of your computer systems to the cloud. 

Business analysis

A team of highly trained professional engineers will be assigned to your organisation to review your existing systems and understand any business or system issues that you may face. 

The engineering team will collate your users’ profiles to determine the range and scope of the software applications your organisation uses. Current server, storage, communications and ancillary system equipment will be reviewed and documented.

It may be necessary to conduct a proof of concept test if you have any software applications which are, for example, heavily customised standard applications or entirely custom-written.  It will be necessary to ensure that they may be delivered to your users from the cloud. 


Following the system discovery and consultation process, a proposal describing OneNet’s recommendations for your partial or complete migration to the cloud will be provided in the form of a detailed proposal for your consideration. 

OneNet will provide recommendations about which combination of cloud services may best meet your system and business objectives.  This may include hosting software applications and data on Microsoft’s Azure cloud, Amazon’s AWS cloud, OneNet’s trans-Tasman cloud, or a combination of all three alternatives.

The recommendation will depend upon cost, relative performance, suitability for the computing task and other criteria selected by you.

The proposal will also provide detailed costings and other financial considerations, expressed in a manner that enables your non-technical business leaders to fully understand the options and associated costs.

A summary of the recommended cloud technology involved will be provided, together with a draft engagement agreement and a high-level implementation project plan.

Engagement agreement

Once the proposal has been refined and accepted by you, both parties will work together to ensure that the draft engagement agreement fully reflects your requirements in the arrangement between us.

Project plan for migration

Following the execution of the agreement between us, a detailed project plan will be prepared.  The detail contained in the project plan will reflect the duration and complexity of your migration, together with the resources required from both you and OneNet. 

Data collection

While many preliminary steps are required before your data is migrated, the data collection step is carefully prepared to ensure that all relevant data is migrated at the precise time that it is needed and nothing is left behind.

Transition to the cloud

Depending on the scope of your migration, the transition stage can be straightforward or complex, requiring meticulous attention to the many details and moving parts involved.  A detailed project plan, together with a strong collaborative culture between your team and ours, together with your software application providers, is key to the success of your migration to the cloud.

Post-transition resolution

It is rare that there is not some minor adjustment required to ensure that all of the migration objectives are realised.  Any outstanding matters are dealt with promptly following the transition to the cloud to help ensure that your adoption of the new cloud system is very successful.

Relationship management

Your assigned relationship manager and senior engineer will maintain a regular engagement with you, at a frequency that you may determine, to help you realise all of the benefits that you have been promised.