Strategic technology partners

OneNet carefully selects strategic global technology partners who provide outstanding long-term technology innovation and business partnerships. 

Each strategic technology partner provides different key building block components for OneNet’s computing cloud.  The long-term partnerships enable OneNet’s team of engineers to gain industry certifications in each respective provider’s technology, as well as benefit from deep experience with the various combinations of technology.

Cisco  Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) is the global leader in networking and security solutions.  OneNet is a long-standing Cisco business partner, and deploys multiple redundant Cisco firewalls, routers, switches and intrusion detection systems exclusively. Cisco’s revenue is US$48 billion, net profit is US$11billion and total assets are US$121 billion.
 Citrix Citrix (NASDAQ::CTXS) is the global leader in software used for the delivery of Microsoft software applications over the Internet.  OneNet, together with Financial Systems Limited, has had a business partnership with Citrix since 1992.  Citrix’s revenue is US$3.4 billion, profit is US$536 million and total assets are US$6.4 billion.
 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE:HPE), founded in 2015 as a result of splitting the original Hewlett Packard company, focuses on large businesses.  OneNet deploys Nimble storage technology, which is a business HPE acquired in 2017.  HPE’s revenue is US$50 billion, net profit is US$3.6 billion and total assets are US$79 billion.
 IBM IBM (NYSE:IBM) is a global leader in information technology.  OneNet, together with its progenitor Financial Systems Limited, has been an IBM Business Partner since 1983. OneNet is an IBM Watson early adopter partner, applying artificial intelligence and natural language processing to its internal software development. 
 Intel Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) provides microprocessors for the majority of server technology products.  OneNet uses Intel processor-based servers exclusively.  Intel’s revenue is US$59 billion, net profit is US$10.3 billion and total assets are US$113 billion.
 Lenovo Lenovo is a Global Fortune 500 company. IBM sold its server business to Lenovo in 2014 and OneNet now deploys Lenovo server technology.  Lenovo’s revenue is US$45 billion, net profit is US$620 million and total assets are US$27 billion.
 Microsoft Microsoft (NASDAQ:MFST) has been a business partner with OneNet and Financial Systems Limited since 1983.  OneNet is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with a speciality competency in Cloud Platform. Microsoft’s revenue is US$85 billion, net profit is US$16.8 billion and total assets are US$194 billion.
 Veeam Veeam is a privately held company that develops backup and disaster recovery software for virtual environments.  Veeam employs over 2,000 staff, has 73% of the Fortune 500 companies in its client base, and has over 230,000 total worldwide customers.  Revenue increased by 28% in the previous year, totalling US$604 million.