What we do

OneNet computing cloud

OneNet provides cloud services to its clients, who range from large New Zealand and Australian businesses to smaller businesses.  OneNet established its own  cloud computing platform in 2000, when cloud computing was known as “on-demand” computing.  OneNet’s cloud computing platform is now located in five data centre sites in Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch, Sydney and Melbourne.

In addition, OneNet also provides cloud services from Microsoft’s Azure cloud and Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) cloud. Depending on your computer system workload requirements, OneNet may recommend one or several combinations of cloud services, including OneNet’s own trans-Tasman computing cloud, Microsoft’s Azure cloud and Amazon’s Web Services cloud.

OneNet also takes either a leading or partner role in helping its clients capture value from digital technologies which are based on, or are enabled by, cloud computing, 

These solutions include advanced analytics, Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and digitisation, or digital transformation. 

OneNet is cloud-agnostic

OneNet takes a cloud-agnostic stance, providing cloud integration services between the primary hyper-scale clouds and its own highly customisable computing cloud. 

The distribution of cloud computing resources will depend upon your workload demands and other business criteria.  OneNet will optimise the outcome for you based on those criteria.

In addition, only some of your workloads may be appropriate for migration to the cloud. In this case, OneNet may build and maintain a hybrid solution, whereby elements of your system remain within your business while others are distributed to the most suitable external cloud, depending upon cost, performance and your business criteria.

Large enterprise clients

OneNet’s role with enterprise clients can encompass anything from planning and managing a transition to Office 365 or Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service to  delivering all or most of the software applications for large enterprise client uses, as a hosted desktop.  Computer users range from 500 to 1,500.

The provision of end user support varies among clients. Other examples of complementary cloud services include managing Azure and AWS Infrastructre and Platform as a Service workloads for specific applications and the provisioning and management of other Software as a Service workloads.

Mid-range clients

For a majority of OneNet’s mid-range clients, OneNet usually provides a fully outsourced cloud service.  In many cases, OneNet effectively becomes the firm’s outsourced information technology provider. We consider a mid-range client to have between 50 and 500 computer users.

A fully outsourced cloud solution may include the delivery of all of your software applications through a hosted desktop to all of your computer users.  OneNet’s services typically also include security, disaster recovery and end user support.  

Smaller business clients

Most of OneNet’s smaller-business cloud service clients have end-user support provided to them by its nation-wide network of OneNet Business Partner resellers. 

There are more than 200 OneNet Business Partners, widely distributed across New Zealand.  OneNet Business Partners market OneNet’s full range of cloud services to their own portfolio of clients. 

OneNet’s Business Partner network means that the support requirements that smaller-business OneNet clients have, are well matched with the cost structure that those partners have.

The smaller scale of most OneNet Business Partner resellers is also compatible with the size of a smaller-business.  The widespread geographic distribution of OneNet’s Business Partner resellers also fits well with the distribution of OneNet’s smaller-business clients.

A select group of OneNet Business Partners support smaller-business clients who approach OneNet directly

Independent software vendors

OneNet delivers software globally for its independent software vendors.

An independent software vendor (ISV) develops software and sells it to their own clients.  OneNet provides a cloud delivery platform for that software, including security and disaster recovery.  OneNet’s ISV clients invariably have global customers.

OneNet may deliver ISV applications from its own trans-Tasman cloud, Microsoft’s Azure cloud or Amazon’s AWS cloud.