Compounding the challenge of finding proficient technical staff is the frequent misuse of their time on important yet mundane activities (e.g. checking backups, patching servers, updating applications, and maintaining onsite infrastructure).

While these tasks are critical, they do not translate into meaningful technological improvements for clients. Instead, these routine activities sustain the foundation for businesses to continue functioning at the status quo.

We often hear from our partners that they are so busy with these mundane tasks that they don’t have time to pursue new clients or more interesting opportunities within their existing client base.

Over the last decade, there has been a marked shift in focus from simply providing support services, “keeping the lights on”, to building mutually beneficial relationships. Your clients require continuous improvement, greater customisation, increased flexibility and digital evolution.

How then, in the face of limited staff resources, do you provide high-value consulting services to your clients, whilst continuously improving their IT outcomes? The answer is something successful business models have employed for decades – outsourcing!

Just as Zara outsources the sewing of their patterns, you can outsource the routine tasks required to maintain infrastructure. Thus allowing you to focus on providing the higher value activities your clients’ require.

So what is the difference between migrating infrastructure to OneNet compared with a hyperscale cloud solution such as Azure or AWS?

Migrating services to these hyper-scale cloud solutions does not eliminate the routine tasks associated with maintaining onsite infrastructure; as such, time savings for your technical staff are minimal.  In contrast, migrating your clients’ infrastructure to OneNet effectively outsources all the critical yet mundane maintenance tasks; thus saving you valuable resources which can then be reinvested in achieving better outcomes for your clients!

The migration of servers to OneNet’s managed IaaS platform allows you the freedom to focus on truly value added, transformational activities for your clients. By focusing your efforts in these areas, you will have increasingly material, profitable and “sticky” relationships with your clients by delivering significantly more meaningful technology solutions.

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