Matt Smith - OneNetOneNet is delighted to announce the appointment of Matt Smith in the role of Business Partner Development Manager. Matt brings a wealth of experience, ambition, and industry knowledge to his role with OneNet. A background within one of OneNet’s business partners gives him a sound understanding of business partner needs from the inside out.

Matt sees OneNet as an industry leader in building strong relationships and providing valuable service to its partners. A large enough company to have a strong line of support, but small enough to ensure flexibility and responsiveness.

“I really bought into OneNet’s value proposition which is seeing an opportunity to assist traditional IT support companies in the market, and give them a way of entry in providing cloud services to their clients without the capital cost, complexity and associated risk of building their own computing cloud. What we know for sure is that demand for cloud services such as IaaS, DaaS, and backup/disaster recovery is only going to grow.”

As a motivated individual keen to expand his business knowledge, Matt has an undergraduate conjoint degree in Commerce and Science, with majors in Mathematics and Marketing. He is currently working on his postgraduate diploma in Business Administration, which will follow on to an MBA. These skills will enable him to assist business partners in not only the sales and technical aspects of partnering with OneNet but also to assist with joint sales and marketing plans and business cases for partnering on various solutions.

To balance his analytical / critical thinking / science dominant personality type, he dabbles in the creative arts; piano, guitar, and turns his hand to painting. Matt admits to not being a master of any of these, but revels in the challenge.

As part of Matt’s appointment, he will be reaching out to partners, and encouraging feedback of all forms; ideas, how OneNet could better assist. Or if there’s anything you think we’re doing really well and can continue to focus on, don’t hesitate to connect with Matt at

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