Imagine the possibilities of Microsoft Azure, delivered from New Zealand data centres, combined with local cloud expertise, monitoring, management and technical support. This is exactly what the collaboration between OneNet and Microsoft promises to deliver later this year with the release of Microsoft Azure Stack.

OneNet, along with a small handful of Microsoft partners, have been selected to take part in the Azure Stack Early Adoption Initiative (EAI). This collaboration, where Microsoft has worked closely alongside partners in planning and testing Azure Stack, has culminated in OneNet recently completing the provisioning and testing of Azure Stack Technical Preview 3 (TP3). OneNet will be more than ready for release date.

Built on the same core technology as Azure, Azure Stack packages Microsoft’s investments in automated and software-defined infrastructure from public cloud datacentres and delivers them from a locally managed service provider environment.

Up until now if New Zealand customers wanted to take advantage of the Microsoft Azure platform they would have to leverage data centres in Australia or further afield. Now they can leverage many of the capabilities of Azure from New Zealand and have OneNet’s high-level support, management and monitoring offering inbuilt into their solution.

“We think this is a really exciting opportunity for New Zealand organisations to be able to take advantage of many of the capabilities of hyper-scale clouds, and simultaneously have all the benefits of using them locally from New Zealand-based data centres”, says Roman Paljk, OneNet’s General Manager.

Azure Stack is Microsoft’s hybrid cloud platform. Essentially, it allows customers to deliver Azure services from local service provider data centres. This addition to Azure allows for modernisation of applications across hybrid cloud environments whilst maintaining flexibility, performance and control. It is ideal for those organisations who want the power of cloud services but also want the benefits of increased performance and reduced costs of locally delivered services – not to mention maintaining data sovereignty.

Using Azure Resource Manager, a consistent management platform across Azure and Azure Stack, you get consistent application deployments every time, whether provisioned to Azure in the public cloud or Azure Stack in OneNet’s environment. This approach is unique in the industry and gives developers the flexibility to create applications once and then decide where to deploy them later – all with role-based access control to meet compliance needs.

The benefits are extensive. For example, previously, if software vendors were to build a solution on OneNet’s IaaS platform, and the solution was hugely popular and we wanted to cookie cutter it for a global audience, it may have to be rebuilt for the Azure platform. Azure Stack has removed that through its “build once, roll out to many” working scenario where consistency is key.

“We are at the leading edge of this technology. With TP3 up and running, we think this is a great opportunity for organisations to test the waters and leverage the capabilities that in the past they would have to go overseas for”, finishes Roman.

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