With our focus this month being service and support, and how we provide that for our OneNet partners, it’s only appropriate that we break that down to value for you. We understand what’s most important to you is that your client is protected and can go about their daily business.

OneNet is well positioned to provide this service. Why?

OneNet owns and controls its own infrastructure. We offer a full range of scalable cloud services with dedicated support and account management. Customers retain their relationship with you and we just back you up. Check out our Service Desk statistics to see how quickly we respond.

Examples of where we provide value are;

  • Management – helping you set up VMs, operating systems, software installation, etc. Plus you get daily backups with 28 day retention (also copied to a secondary datacentre).
  • Provide transparency, clarity, proactive monitoring, and a tailored platform to suit you.
  • Patching (hugely important to protect against cyber threats like the recent WannaCry debacle).
  • Local NZ-based support.

How Redundancy works:

“We have multiple clusters, so within a cluster if one of the nodes dies then all of the VMs will automatically restart on another node. On top of having different fault domains, we can also replicate the other servers to either Hamilton or Christchurch. So whatever reason there is, say a natural disaster in Auckland, then we can stand up the server in one of our other locations”, explains Alex McDonnell, Systems Engineer for OneNet.


All of our partners receive automated managed patching, managed antivirus, managed firewall and intrusion protection systems. This sophisticated combination would have protected them against the recent WannaCry virus. That in itself is a huge safety tick.


We use a combination of storage vendors to provide the best performance on the market including; Nimble, Lenovo and IBM. We use both a tiering system (flash storage with a spinning disk underneath) used for data that’s hot for better performance and lower latency. Cold data gets put in the spinning disk. The advantages are we can use smarter cheaper technology and pass the savings on to our partners.

Contact us so we can tailor your requirements to suit your customers.

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