New Zealand hosting provider OneNet has recorded the company’s “most successful year to date” during 2014, as Kiwi businesses continue to embrace the cloud.

Speaking exclusively to Reseller News, the Auckland-based company says OneNet, and its partners and clients, are reaping the benefits of cloud adoption.

“2014 has been our most successful year to date,” says Roman Paljk, General Manager, OneNet.

“This has been a combination of substantial growth in business from our ever expanding reseller and business partner channel, several large IaaS and DaaS migrations, as well as organic growth in users and usage from within our existing client base.

“We are extremely reliant on the support of our partners and without them there is no way we could reach out to such a large number of clients so we are incredibly grateful for their support.”

Paljk, now two and a half years into his role as General Manager, says that 2014 “without a doubt, exceeded expectations.”

“The team here, and our partners, have all worked tremendously hard over the past 12 months and we have been rewarded with fantastic results,” he says.

“Our clients too are reaping the benefits of moving to OneNet’s cloud services and as we grow we are able to continue to invest in people and technology that benefits all of our clients.”

With the success of 2014 still fresh in the minds, Paljk says the company’s aim now focuses on continuing to develop and expand its partner base, one that includes partnerships with Systems Integrators and software vendors is a key focus for OneNet.

Despite recording a bumper year, Paljk acknowledges the challenges that face cloud service providers in New Zealand today, but believes building a successful subscription revenue business is “extremely challenging anywhere in the world.”

“In New Zealand specifically, until quite recently, one of the major barriers to adoption of cloud services was the cost and quality of connectivity,” Paljk explains.

“High quality, cost effective connectivity is absolutely critical for the adoption of cloud services and thankfully this is being addressed with the rollout of fibre nationally.”

Otherwise, Paljk sees “no reason” why New Zealand based cloud providers can’t compete with global players.

“Maybe not in commodity cloud services,” he qualifies, “but certainly in managed cloud services which is what we see as the requirement for most small and medium business in New Zealand.”

From a OneNet perspective, Paljk says the company is seeing similar global trends in the New Zealand market, as Kiwi businesses adopt a “cloud first” policy as they roll out new applications or have new compute requirements.

“Typically New Zealand business are smaller compared with our overseas counterparts so the pace of this change and adoption of cloud can occur more rapidly,” Paljk notes.

Cloud computing is here to stay

As New Zealand, and the worldwide market, accepts that cloud computing is here to stay for many years to come, Paljk, echoing the comments from Michael Snowden, CEO, OneNet, believes the company’s role will subsequently evolve.

“OneNet was established in 2000 and the then vision of our directors, Dr Michael and Paulette Snowden, was that “On-Demand Computing”, or “Cloud Computing” as it is now known, will be the next transformative technology wave for businesses small and large,” Paljk says.

Consequently, Paljk believes OneNet’s focus is to build on the depth of experience it already possess in this “rapidly expanding space.”

“It is likely that in the future our role will evolve into assisting clients aggregating their multiple cloud platforms as they pick and choose cloud providers and SaaS applications that best suit their requirements,” he adds.

“Our role will be to ensure these environments can work seamlessly together and provide a central delivery platform.”

As big companies attempt to re-position themselves in the new cloud era, Paljk remains clear when describing where OneNet’s sit amongst such a transitional period for Kiwi businesses.

“By leveraging our experience and the long standing relationships we have with our key technology partners, OneNet has successfully positioned ourselves as the cloud partner of choice for software vendors, business partners and businesses of all sizes,” he adds.

Having recently won Microsoft’s Hosting Partner of the Year award, Paljk says the company continues to build on this foundation and reputation of delivering enterprise class computing, one user at a time.

“The economies of scale and economies of skill that we now have, as well as our 14 years’ experience of delivering cloud services help differentiate us from the seemingly ever increasing number of vendors who are branding almost any product or service they offer as “cloud”,” he adds.

“We now have one user clients through to billion dollar revenue clients so, in the New Zealand market, we don’t foresee many clients who we couldn’t offer a compelling and referenceable value proposition too.”

As featured in Reseller News, 30th January 2015

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