OneNet’s Solution provides HP Autonomy LiveVault partners with rich data visualization through dashboards, API’s for billing and reporting, as well as an automated “closing engine” for converting trials to paying customers.

Auckland, New Zealand, February 20, 2013 – OneNet, an HP partner for over a decade, today announced the availability of three “as-a-service” modules to significantly enhance the partner and customer experience for HP Autonomy’s leading cloud-based server backup solution, LiveVault.

Companies looking for a reliable and secure cloud-based backup solution have, for many years, engaged HP’s LiveVault Server Backup service. LiveVault partners have confidence knowing that their customers’ data is consistently backed up, encrypted and securely stored offsite. OneNet has developed a suite of solutions specifically designed for partners to further enhance their experience, by providing them with improved visibility of important customer metrics, API integration to feed into existing dashboard and billing systems, as well as an automated tool for provisioning and managing customer trials.

OneNet’s Software Development Manager, Michael Hoskins, noted “partners and customers using as-a-service solutions want to have important information about their services available at a glance, at their fingertips, from almost any device. With OneNet’s suite of add-on LiveVault modules, they now have access to this information”.

In order to drive partner sales, OneNet has developed a workflow-based “closing engine” that provides MSP’s (Managed Service Providers) and HSP’s (Hosting Service Providers) with the ability to effectively and automatically convert trials into paying customers, with minimal manual intervention.

With OneNet’s LiveVault modules, MSP’s, HSP’s and end customers can gain a clearer insight into usage and trends in their LiveVault backup environment through the OneNet- developed LiveVault dashboard. Past usage and growth are tracked and future usage is forecast using sophisticated algorithms.  Alerts can also be viewed at multiple hierarchical levels, thereby providing LiveVault partners and end users with a clear indication of the overall health of their LiveVault environment.

Partners and customers who manage LiveVault Turbo Restore Appliances (TRA’s) gain additional benefits from a specific dashboard used to track important usage parameters, thus allowing for uninterrupted data protection.

Using the same information that is gathered to provide dashboard information, OneNet has developed an API which can be used to extract monthly LiveVault usage figures to feed into a partner’s billing process. The benefit of a single source of information is that partners and customers can view dashboards and historical usage reports and align this with the invoices generated.

The three modules combined, namely, Closing, Reporting and API, provide an integrated suite of tools that allow LiveVault MSP’s and HSP’s to effectively capture more customers and deliver a superior customer experience with intuitive and accurate reporting and billing. Partners and end user customers are easily able to get an overview of the health of their LiveVault environment and track important usage metrics and alerts allowing them to more easily track the overall health of their backup environment.

HP Autonomy’s Stephen Spellicy, Director, Enterprise Data Protection, commented “LiveVault has always been an industry-leading cloud-based backup solution and now, with the introduction of OneNet’s LiveVault modules, we have taken a significant step in enhancing our value proposition to LiveVault partners and customers”.

LiveVault Partners wishing to take advantage of these new features are invited to contact their local HP Autonomy LiveVault representative or OneNet directly.

About OneNet

OneNet is a pioneer and New Zealand market leader in cloud computing. OneNet was established in 2000 and soon after began delivering Connected PC Backup as a service and, later, LiveVault Server Backup. OneNet has subsequently developed a software development division to address a range of challenges faced by “as-a-service” organisations, including capacity planning, billing, data extraction, data visualization and profit maximization.

About HP Autonomy

HP Autonomy is a global leader in software that processes human information, or unstructured data, including social media, email, video, audio, text and web pages, etc. Autonomy’s powerful management and analytic tools for structured information together with its ability to extract meaning in real time from all forms of information, regardless of format, is a unique tool for companies seeking to get the most out of their data. Autonomy’s product portfolio helps power companies through enterprise search analytics, business process management and OEM operations. Autonomy also offers information governance solutions in areas such as eDiscovery, content management and compliance, as well as marketing solutions that help companies grow revenue, such as web content management, online marketing optimization and rich media management. Please visit www.autonomy.com to find out more.

OneNet Editorial Contact
Roman Paljk
+64 9 376 7614

HP Autonomy Editorial Contact
Winifred Shum
HP Autonomy
+1 408 771-6668

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