Everything you need to know about ISO27001

Cybersecurity is a growing concern amongst business owners in New Zealand and abroad. With comparatively weak regulation concerning organisational level cybersecurity practice, more New Zealand firms are looking to align themselves with industry 'best practice' standards. 

eBook: 9 Steps to Strengthening your Computer Security

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The Data Safe Haven Everyone is Talking About

Hosted Exchange Migration Technical Guide

Announcement: Microsoft Unveils Plans to Bring Data Centre Region to New Zealand

Microsoft made a major announcement yesterday that has huge implications for the New Zealand ICT industry: they’re adding a New Zealand data centre “region” to their popular Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure platforms. Previously, the closest Microsoft data centre to New Zealand was in Sydney.

9 Steps to Reducing your Cloud Spend E-Book

Organisations have many opportunities to reduce their cloud spend. Some of these opportunities will be easy to realise, and others will be more difficult or impractical. 

We outline nine steps below that can help reduce your cloud costs.

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OneNet Covid-19 Service Update

Babbling About Azure B-Series Burstable VMs

The Azure B-Series burstable VMs have been around for quite some time now, but up until now, I hadn’t had a reason to use them.