The Data Safe Haven Everyone is Talking About

New Zealand is the Ultimate Data Safe Haven in Uncertain Times 

New Zealand is an advanced and isolated country loved for its natural wonders.


During recent times, this sovereign island nation has become famous as a safe haven for international billionaires. Leading tech executives from North America and Europe are attracted to New Zealand for its progressive political and economic climate, along with its sustainable regulatory and natural environment. With local backup solutions powered by 100% renewable energy, OneNet and Veeam have joined forces to offer the same level of protection for your backup data.


Known as Aotearoa by the local Maori population, New Zealand enjoys a pristine natural environment and relatively small population at just under 5 million. New Zealand is an advanced market economy, which benefits from close ties with Australia, and healthy trade relationships with a number of American, European, and Asian nations. The combination of geographic isolation, natural protections, and economic stability has made New Zealand an attractive proposition for individuals and businesses across the globe.


People and data heading south


Global political and economic uncertainty are two of the catalysts that have led people towards New Zealand over recent years. Silicon Valley billionaires have been buying up property in New Zealand for decades, with venture capitalists increasingly treating New Zealand as an insurance policy against global catastrophe. The recent political climate in the United States has only fueled this movement, with Brexit and internal problems with the European Union also inspiring some of the wealthiest people in society to move south.


The recent global pandemic has only accelerated interest in Aotearoa, with increased migration to New Zealand highly likely once international borders are reopened. While some sections of the media see the interest in New Zealand as a form of doomsday prepping, it's really just a creative form of insurance against an uncertain future. While not everyone has the resources to buy property and move assets to the safe haven of New Zealand, anyone can benefit from moving their data to "the land of the long white cloud."


The ultimate 3-2-1 backup solution


Companies should follow the 3-2-1 rule for all data backups in order to keep information safe in almost any failure scenario. The rule is simple, with three copies of your data required at all times, including two backup copies on different storage media, and one copy in an offsite location. However, while offsite storage is critical to every robust backup solution, not all locations are created equal. Backup facilities in North America and Europe are sensitive to a range of environmental and population-based problems, with the current global pandemic certainly putting things in perspective.


New Zealand is the ideal location for all your Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) needs, with the nation's geographic position and history of economic and political stability offering both isolation and security.


Insulated from global shocks and leading the world in environmental and healthcare responsibilities, New Zealand is the ideal destination for any company serious about data integrity. Far from the infection centers of the northern hemisphere, New Zealand combines modern infrastructure with a strong regulatory framework and leading environmental credentials.


If you're looking for a robust and secure backup solution, OneNet and Veeam are your New Zealand backup partners. Along with focusing on data integrity, we take our carbon footprint very seriously. Our backup facilities are powered by 100% renewable energy, which means zero ozone depletion and zero global warming potential.


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