Azure, Amazon and OneNet

OneNet provides cloud services which integrate Microsoft’s Azure cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and its own trans-Tasman computing cloud, thus enabling you to “mix and match” cloud resources to optimise your outcomes.

Microsoft’s Azure cloud, Amazon’s Web Services and Google’s cloud are all referred to as “hyper-clouds".  This means that they are much bigger than New Zealand-based clouds such as OneNet’s cloud.

Each hyper-cloud has advantages and disadvantages when considering how and when to incorporate them into a cloud computing strategy.

Several of those generic advantages and disadvantages follow:

Hyper-cloud Advantages

  • Rapid provisioning, scaling up and down.

  • Effective pricing for short-term usage.

  • Very suitable for software development.

  • Wide range of capabilities available.

  • Multi-country diversity for risk management.

  • Global presence ideal for multinational firms.

  • Constant downward pressure on pricing as dominant players.

  • Growing confidence with large corporates and government agencies.

Hyper-cloud Disadvantages

  • High cost for constantly-running production servers.

  • Requires highly skilled engineers to provision and run applications safely.

  • Very complex pricing models.

  • Retains risks of “server sprawl” and cost overruns.

  • Data residence overseas means risk of data sovereignty issues.

  • High communications bandwidth costs with data centres overseas.

  • No, or inadequate, personal support to resolve issues.

  • Almost indecipherable invoicing.

The main hyper-clouds have several common features, as follows:

  • Regional workload-balancing.

  • Wide range of technical options.

  • Constant innovation and release of new capabilities.

  • Instantly scalable resources, making them ideal for uncertain demand.

  • Regional diversity for disaster management.

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Hyper-cloud Migration Map

A migration path to one or more hyper-clouds involves a good deal of complexity.  OneNet provides a consulting service, firstly, to help you determine a suitable cloud computing strategy in the first place.  As described elsewhere, the outcome of this analysis will provide guidance on the most suitable cloud computing strategy, given your individual organisation’s unique requirements currently and in the near future.

If it makes good business sense to move some or all of your computing requirements to one or more hyper-clouds, OneNet is able to help you prepare a migration map for that move.

Furthermore, OneNet is well positioned to help you implement that move, continue to support and manage your relationship with each respective hyper-cloud provider.

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OneNet Hybrid Cloud

Business challenge 

The possible permutations and combinations of using hyper-scale clouds for a production environment can be overwhelming.

Complex pricing models make it difficult to fully understand risk and cost exposure.  Setting up appropriate security is far from a trivial task.

Vendor lock-in and other business concerns need to be addressed.  Engagement agreements are non-negotiable.

For all of these reasons, and more, a trusted cloud computing partner is essential.

OneNet solution 

OneNet is a hybrid cloud provider, “mixing and matching” its own proprietary trans-Tasman computing cloud, together with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), to provide the most cost-effective solution for its clients.

OneNet’s cloud computing platforms are located at communications hubs that provide the widest range of connectivity options for Internet and direct connection to global hyper-clouds including Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

OneNet connects to Megaport, who is a supplier of software defined network connectivity to a wide range of third-party cloud platforms including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and over 45 other global PaaS and SaaS providers. 


The principal benefits of OneNet constructing a hybrid cloud solution connecting your on-premise infrastructure, OneNet’s own cloud computing platform and one or more hyper-clouds follow:

  • OneNet is your trusted partner in cloud computing.
  • Customised solution to meet your specific requirements.
  • New Zealand-based technical and management support.
  • Single engagement agreement to simplify multiple party involvement.
  • Simple pricing model.
  • Security parameters set to your requirements.
  • Integration between multiple parties is optimised.
  • Predictable costs.


Technical solution

As a hybrid cloud is, by its very nature, a unique and indeterminate structure, the technical features of a hybrid cloud would be established following a detailed business and technical evaluation.

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Microsoft Azure Cloud

OneNet has been an early-adopter partner with Microsoft and has an in-depth knowledge of the Azure cloud platform. OneNet currently deploys applications globally for its clients on Microsoft Azure.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud

OneNet runs some of its own applications on Amazon Web Services for clients who use that software for global solutions. Amazon Web Services provides a viable alternative to Microsoft’s Azure computing cloud.  

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