Cloud Computing Consulting

OneNet is well positioned to advise you on the potential benefits and risks of a “cloud first” strategy and map a path for your transition from traditional, legacy IT, to an agile and responsive cloud platform. 

Cloud adoption, as with any important business or technology decision, should only be considered when there is a clear business case and the risks and returns from a transition to the “cloud” are clearly understood.

While some organisations are already using cloud services extensively, many firms still rely heavily on traditional on-premises IT, simply using cloud services tactically, such as in development, testing, backups and disaster recovery.

By tailoring and implementing a “cloud first” strategy, where appropriate, you enable the potential to:

  • Become more agile and flexible.

  • Improve business and IT performance.

  • Quickly adapt to a rapidly-changing digital world.

OneNet’s team of highly skilled IT professionals will engage with you to understand the concerns that you may have and the outcomes that you are seeking.  OneNet will prepare a proposal and action plan, usually with a fixed fee for service, for your approval.  The results of the consulting assignment will be provided in writing, as well as with a workshop and personal briefing.

OneNet has transitioned several thousand organisations to various cloud services since its inception in 2000.  As a result, OneNet is an ideal partner that you can trust to assist you to develop, deliver and support this transformational evolution in IT strategy.

A consulting assignment is usually tailored to your specific requirements and may include elements of other consulting services.  These elements may include migration plans to hyper-clouds such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, security assessments, data backup and disaster recovery assessments.

In addition, OneNet partners with several organisations to  provide consulting and implementation services to you in advanced analytics, “Big Data”, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and digitisation, or digital transformation.

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Cloud Readiness Assessment

Effective planning is critical to your success in migrating to the cloud. Planning should start with a thorough assessment of your infrastructure and a clear understanding of your objectives.

Many organisations attempt to “go it alone”, which usually means asking existing IT staff to try to “fit in” an assessment and make recommendations. Trying to add a project as large and potentially complex as developing a cloud migration strategy to existing overburdened IT staff is simply not realistic.

This is especially true, considering that many internal IT teams may not have had much experience in assessing an organisation’s readiness and the potential benefits of migrating to cloud services.

A Cloud Readiness Assessment will help you to understand the costs, risks and potential complexities of a cloud migration, as well as helping you to understand the considerable benefits of cloud computing.

Ultimately, a comprehensive assessment will help you to capture value from cloud computing much more efficiently.

It is important to recognise that cloud adoption is not an “all or nothing” proposition. A hybrid cloud solution, where a portion of applications and services are delivered from traditional on-premise IT, while others are delivered from the cloud, is a potential end-state for many organisations in the near future.

Using the insight gained from the Cloud Readiness Assessment, OneNet can help you to map a path and timeline to the adoption of cloud services based on a clear understanding of your business and technology requirements and priorities. 

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Cloud Computing Architecture

The architecture phase of planning for a migration to the cloud involves detailed technical planning to turn your cloud computing vision into reality.

The Cloud Readiness Assessment will provide you with a strategic plan to help you solve critical business challenges by leveraging cloud computing. Your current IT environment may not allow for a straightforward “lift and shift” migration.

OneNet’s Cloud Computing Architecture Design report will consider all of the technical matters and detail recommendations, together with technical and business reasons for those recommendations.

Additionally, you will no doubt want to maximise your benefit by designing a solution to take the best advantage of the benefit of available cloud resources, as well as constructing the right foundation for any future initiatives.

Factors such as latency, fault tolerance, monitoring, management, database sizing, and specific application requirements must all be taken into consideration for an effective design. OneNet’s Cloud Computing Architecture Design report will provide the following deliverables:

  • Network design.
  • System sizing.
  • Storage design.
  • Security design.
  • IaaS vs PaaS decisions.
  • Monitoring and alerting.
  • Failover strategy.

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Migration Map to the Cloud

With the cloud readiness assessment and cloud computing architecture steps completed, the “heavy lifting” of a cloud migration can take place.

OneNet has assisted more than two thousand organisations through a cloud migration process since 2000. OneNet’s well refined migration process leverages an extensive set of knowledge, tools and experience to ensure the transition is completed as quickly and seamlessly as possible, with minimal downtime.

At each stage of the migration, meticulous change control and rollback plans are put in place to ensure that any potential disruption to your business is kept to an absolute minimum throughout the entire process.

The ideal outcome of a successful migration to the cloud is to enable your business to begin leveraging the benefits of cloud services as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.

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Optimisation of Cloud Services

A critical, yet often overlooked step, in a successful cloud migration strategy is optimisation.

Optimisation of cloud services are ideally performed shortly after a migration phase or it may also include a review of your existing cloud services, independently of which service provider may have established your computing cloud.

While it is highly likely that a migration to cloud services will deliver immediate benefits and a substantial return on investment, it is important to revisit the implementation periodically in search of further improvement and optimisation.

OneNet provides an option to review your cloud solution, post-implementation. The following benefits result from a post-implementation analysis:

  • Design validation.
  • Improved performance.
  • Further reduced cost.
  • Increased availability.
  • Improved monitoring.

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Cloud Computing Strategy

Cloud computing is now a relatively complex subject, even though the benefits are simple and well understood.  With cloud adoption, firms can lower their information technology costs, improve their security and create a powerful platform for innovation.

Understanding how your firm can capture this value is a challenge.  OneNet’s deep expertise in cloud computing may be focused on understanding your unique circumstances, where you are at present and where you would like to be.  The outcome of an open and collaborative analysis is the development of a Cloud Computing Strategy document.

The Cloud Computing Strategy document considers your business imperatives, existing information technology position, agreed goals for cloud computing and a prescriptive plan to reach those goals.  Detailed costings and financial benefits, together with qualitative costs and benefits are also provided.

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