Delivering Your Software

Cloud computing, when used to deliver your software applications to your users or customers, provides powerful and compelling business and technology benefits.

Delivering your software is at the heart of business computing. Cloud computing is an enabling technology which offers an alternative to a “do it yourself” approach to owning your own information technology equipment and software.

In essence, cloud computing is a business model innovation which shifts the responsibility of buying, maintaining and upgrading information technology assets from the business owner to the provider of a computing “service”.

Businesses benefit enormously for several reasons, as follows:

  • Uneven and unexpected capital expenditure for arcane and often unintelligible pieces of computer hardware are largely avoided.
  • There is never an excess or shortage of computing capacity.
  • Security is strengthened as this is a cloud provider’s core competency.
  • IT costs are reduced because of economies of scale and competitive market pressures on cloud providers.
  • Only the computing resources you actually use are paid for.  Traditional on-premises fixed IT costs are converted into variable costs.
  • A platform for innovation is created with infinite computing capacity for your own competitive advantage initiatives.


OneNet offers several alternative cloud computing business models to help you deliver your software to your users and customers.  These include the following:

  • Desktop as a service solution, whereby all of your software applications are delivered in a very similar manner to your current in-house server structure.
  • Private cloud, which is entirely dedicated to your unique requirements, can be built and run by OneNet, for your exclusive use. OneNet offers alternative server capabilities to address your demand for cloud computing resource.
  • Managed hosting, which is a form of “hybrid” cloud computing, involves a unique combination of your own on-premises equipment and OneNet’s computing cloud.
  • Hyper-scale integration, whereby OneNet provides skills in migrating business software to “hyper-scale” computing clouds, such as Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon Web Services. 
  • A hybrid cloud may also be engineered across several clouds, including the various hyper-scale clouds and OneNet’s cloud, depending upon the software workload, performance requirements, cost targets, security requirements, mitigation of risk and other parameters.


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Desktop as a Service

Business challenge

Reducing the cost of IT ownership, while enhancing your organisational capability and improving security, are key drivers complicating the decisions surrounding your desktop strategy.

Many organisations need to retain control and security while providing flexibility to end users. This journey has led organisations towards creating a virtual desktop strategy supported by a collaborative, agile and open IT model, namely, technologies delivered as a service.

Often, businesses are constrained by ageing desktop infrastructure and operating systems, coupled with rising support costs. Businesses are also under severe pressure to transform and improve the service they are providing to their own users and customers.

At the same time, most IT budgets and resources have been cut, usually as a result of budgetary pressures. All of these pressures are occurring at a time when security threats are at an all-time high and the ability to protect applications and data are top-of-mind.

OneNet solution

OneNet provides a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution platform, which enables you to deliver your applications to your users, simply and securely.  

Hosted or virtual desktops for your users are managed from OneNet’s infrastructure, within its data centres. This means that all of your desktop software may be securely delivered to all of your users, wherever they are located and to almost any user device. 

Your users will see the same applications on a hosted desktop and will operate in the same way. A hosted desktop looks similar to a PC, but does not have any local data storage and all of the processing is performed on centralised servers in OneNet’s data centres.

Almost any software may be delivered to your users with OneNet’s DaaS. This includes your line-of-business software, which may be heavily customised standard applications, as well as custom-built software.

Typically, you will retain your existing business relationships with your current application software vendors. Application support is likely to still be provided to you by your existing application support provider.

OneNet’s team of systems engineers provides virtual desktop upgrade services, system monitoring and support 24/7, security filters, data backups and maintains system up time in excess of 99.9% over the long term as an integral part of the low, per user, monthly fee.

Business benefits

OneNet’s Desktop as a Service uses proven technology to address the need for agility, control and security.

Using our expertise and economies of scale, OneNet’s Desktop as a Service  solution offers a simple-to-manage, scalable and secure environment providing the following business benefits: 

  • Enables simpler control of your desktop environment.
  • You no longer need to be concerned with servers, storage, backups, operating system, security and administration costs.
  • Lowers your cost of software delivery to your users.
  • Provides greater business flexibility and agility to you, with the freedom for your users to securely access their desktop from anywhere, from any place, at any time, from almost any device with an Internet connection.
  • Almost certainly delivers stronger security with OneNet’s enterprise-class security protection and resilience.
  • Flexibility of IT resource with infinitely scalable and dynamic new resource provisioning to help you cope with uncertain growth.
  • Delivers capability for your users to develop flexible working arrangements.
  • Easy scalability downwards if your staff numbers are reduced, thus lowering your IT costs in direct proportion to any staff reduction.
  • Ease of management with delegated System Administrator self-service controls.
  • Utility-type pricing, in that you only pay consistent and predictable costs, based on your actual user numbers.
  • Provides an ability to outsource all or most of your in-house IT infrastructure and day-to-day desktop management, support and maintenance issues, thus lowering costs and enhancing your organisational agility.
  • With OneNet’s highly-available and large scale shared services, you will gain the benefits that would normally only be cost-effectively deployed in large, enterprise organisations.
  • OneNet’s highly available virtual server and storage platform allows you to accommodate any future growth beyond your current staff and application levels, whenever new staff or applications are added.
  • Most importantly, OneNet’s Desktop as a Service allows you to focus on creating value for your own customers rather than on activities that cannot create value.


Technical Solution

All of the equipment supporting OneNet’s Desktop as a Service solution is connected to a highly available core network and security infrastructure owned and managed by OneNet.  

OneNet’s core network environment comprises state-of-the-art Cisco enterprise-class equipment.  All core switches and security equipment are duplicated, thus ensuring no single points of network failure exist.

Your applications are delivered to your users via Citrix XenApp as the underlying desktop virtualisation platform. OneNet has deployed this technology across many existing clients and has found the performance, stability and security of the environment provides a compelling reason for migration.

The OneNet DaaS environment encompasses many of the same components as those found in large enterprise deployments of similar solutions. The major difference is that OneNet’s desktop as a service environment is delivered as a fully managed and scalable solution, charged on a per user per month pricing model.

The features of OneNet’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) service offering include the following:

  • User management and permissions with highly available Active Directory.
  • Domain Services Secure Access with  Citrix NetScaler Application Delivery Controllers.
  • Scalable and consistent desktops deployed with Citrix Machine Creation Services.
  • Secure file storage based on Windows Server.
  • Managed web browsing with web content and security filtering.
  • Managed security and patching with centrally deployed policies and updates.


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Infrastructure as a Service

Business challenge

A common challenge for most businesses is to stay nimble and responsive while, at the same time, ensuring that ever-increasing pressure on IT budgets are met

As it is not possible to create competitive advantage from owning IT infrastructure, the opportunity to “rent” your required resource, as and when it is required, while only paying for what is actually used, is a compelling argument.

It is very difficult for your firm to “right-size” your hardware resources.  There tends to be either too much or too little.  Expansion of resource is often a lengthy process.

An infrastructure as a service business model provides rapid provisioning and scalable resource with a competitive variable cost pricing model.

OneNet solution

OneNet provides highly available and scalable virtual server resources that you may provision and de-provision, as required.

OneNet’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud service provides scalable infrastructure and computing resource, enterprise-class server, network, security and storage platforms.

A suite of management and monitoring tools gives you visibility into your environment and actionable insight into the performance of your servers and applications. OneNet’s professional services team manages, monitors and supports the entire environment to help you, whenever you need it.

OneNet proactively monitors and manages server performance to ensure that the server resources employed by you are always available, thus allowing your business to focus on less mundane activities.

Alerts, performance metrics and custom reporting, based on your specific requirements, may be configured and provided to you, whenever you may require them.  This means that you may monitor the health of the servers, services and applications allocated to you.

Business benefits

It is simple to add and delete resources as your workloads requirements change.  Importantly, you only pay for what you use without any concerns about the underlying infrastructure capacity or capital costs.

With OneNet’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering, your benefits include the following:

  • Only the service actually used each month is charged for.
  • Server resource can be matched exactly to your requirements.
  • Server resources may be scaled up and down as demand changes.
  • There is no expensive hardware to purchase and maintain.
  • Software license investment is not required.
  • The burden and cost of maintaining and protecting in-house server infrastructure is removed.
  • Future software and infrastructure upgrades are included in the low monthly service fee.
  • A stable and reliable server and ancillary infrastructure resource virtually eliminates downtime and improves productivity.
  • Financially-backed Service Level Agreements provide additional confidence.


Technical solution

OneNet’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) service offering centers on a robust, high availability and scalable architecture.  OneNet’s team of highly skilled professional engineers integrate best-in-class technology components to deliver a reliable and high performance service.

Further technical features and details follow: 

  • IaaS services provided on highly scalable and redundant servers, with enterprise-class storage.
  • Deploys Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation.
  • Supports heterogeneous environments, including Windows or Linux virtual machines.
  • Leverages Virtual Network and Cisco Firewall infrastructure which enables secure accessibility via the Internet or dedicated WAN connections.
  • Housed in Orbit Drive and Kapua Tier 3+ data centres.
  • Built on OneNet’s highly-available network and security core.
  • Infrastructure monitoring and alerting 24x7x365, incident response, proactive troubleshooting and access to OneNet’s Service Desk.


OneNet’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) standard service offering includes the following features:

  • Server operating system.
  • Managed automated patching.
  • Managed antivirus deployment.
  • Monitoring services over 24x7x365 for server, storage, network and security, including performance data.
  • Backup and archive services.
  • Managed network and firewall.


OneNet’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) standard service offering may be augmented with the following chargeable options:

  • Additional Microsoft licensing, such as Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Replication to a secondary site for disaster recovery.
  • Replication to a secondary site for high availability.
  • Load-balancing solutions.
  • Managed Internet services.
  • Application delivery support.
  • Dedicated health status portal for your hosted infrastructure.


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Private Cloud

Business challenge

Your firm may be hesitant to move to a “public” cloud for a variety of reasons, such as security concerns, regulatory constraints, performance issues, unique systems integration requirements or the need to extend the life of software applications.

In this case, a “private cloud” may be established, which means that computer infrastructure is entirely dedicated to your business to create your own “private cloud”.

OneNet solution

OneNet has established several private clouds for some of its larger clients.  The information technology infrastructure sits alongside the balance of OneNet’s computing cloud so that data centre protection and maintenance is optimised.

However, there is effectively a software security perimeter around all of the dedicated resources in your private cloud.  There is also an option to physically isolate your private cloud with, literally, a locked “cage”, if necessary.

All of the reporting, alerting, system monitoring which OneNet conducts for its own cloud is applied to your private cloud.  In essence, a private cloud can be a unique, customised set of information technology infrastructure to address your specific cloud computing requirements.

Business benefits

There are several benefits from establishing a OneNet private cloud, as follows:

  • A physical and software security perimeter may be built around your private cloud.
  • Regulatory constraints against using public clouds may be overcome
  • Almost any unique combination of information technology infrastructure may be incorporated.
  • Integration with your other IT systems may be more simple and effective.
  • If you own Microsoft licensing, you can use them in a private cloud established for you by OneNet.
  • Performance may be fine-tuned to meet your business objectives.


Technical solution

OneNet’s technical solution for a private cloud is similar to its own computing cloud except, of course, almost any unique and specific technology may be integrated to meet your requirements. 

Accordingly, the technical solution is more of a blank canvas, allowing a “Lego-block” combination of technologies to be built into a unique private cloud.  The skills and capabilities of OneNet’s professional engineering team are focused on both building and maintaining your private cloud.

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Managed Hosting

Business challenge

A number of organisations, for a variety of reasons, are not yet ready to make the leap to the cloud for some or all of their requirements.

Whether for security and compliance reasons, leveraging existing capital investment or a desire to retain greater control, a “cloud first” strategy may not always be suitable.

OneNet solution

For those organisations not yet ready to transition into cloud computing in a significant way, OneNet is able to provide a range of managed hosting solutions. 

OneNet’s managed hosting and hybrid cloud solutions may be implemented on  your own equipment, or on OneNet’s equipment, which is dedicated to your business.  In either case, the equipment is housed and managed within OneNet’s data centres.

OneNet is able to apply the same rigorous monitoring, management and automation tools across your dedicated hardware, as it provides within its own cloud, to achieve the highest levels of security and reliability, while also achieving exceptional cost efficiency.

OneNet’s Managed Hosting and Hybrid Cloud services include the following:

  • Server monitoring –Server monitoring Includes scanning the servers in search of any irregularities or potential failures.  
  • Security –Security includes virus scanning, spam filtering, managed firewall and operating system updates, in addition to standard physical data centre security measures.
  • Back-up and storage –Includes managed backup and off-site storage of server data and other device configurations. OneNet has a dedicated team ensuring that backups are successfully completed to your agreed-to schedules and retention policies.
  • Server configuration, maintenance and support – OneNet offers expertise to ensure that the solution is initially configured to meet your requirements effectively and, subsequently, to perform the necessary server maintenance to keep the platform running smoothly. OneNet’s team proactively monitors your environment and responds to alerts immediately.
  • Support – An attractive benefit of managed hosting is that, if there ever is an issue, there is always qualified support available to solve any issues. It is reassuring to know that there is a team of experts ready and able to ensure your applications are always available.


Business benefits

The business benefits to be realised from managed hosting include greater flexibility, lower cost of operations and more effective use of your IT resources.

  • Server monitoring – When performed in a timely fashion, irregularities or potential failures can be rectified before they develop into major issues or service disruption.
  • Security – Providing a robust and secure platform is critically important on any computer network and it is especially important when dealing with personal or business-critical data and information.
  • Back-up and storage – Ensuring successful backups and off-site storage of business critical data, to agreed retention policies, is one of the most important IT infrastructure management functions.

Loss of data can cripple organisations, both operationally and in terms of reputational damage. It is vital that all critical or personal information is backed up and stored securely.

  • Support – An attractive benefit of managed hosting is that, if there ever is an issue, there is always qualified support available to solve any issues. It is reassuring to know that there is a team of experts ready and able to ensure your applications are always available.
  • Flexibility – Managed Hosting is a flexible solution, not a one-size-fits-all service. OneNet can work with you to achieve a solution tailored to best suit your budget and individual requirements. Importantly, when your requirements change OneNet can optimise the solution to ensure it continues to meet your requirements.
  • Reduced cost of operation – The hardware and expertise required to manage hosting in-house can be extremely costly. With many businesses, the cost often outweighs the benefits. OneNet’s tailored managed hosting solutions can be a more cost effective IT solution, without having to compromise on suitability or control.
  • More effective use of resource – If your organisation employs IT staff then you will understand that finding and keeping skilled IT staff can be difficult and costly. With this in mind, it makes sense to make sure that you put your own IT resource to the best possible use.

With a managed hosting solution from OneNet, the day-to-day running and maintenance of your servers and infrastructure are all taken care of.  This means that your in-house IT staff can focus on other, more important tasks.

The technical solution for managed hosting will vary according to your specific requirements and the mix of elements from your existing in-house infrastructure and elements from OneNet’s cloud computing resources.

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Trans-Tasman Computing Cloud

Business challenge

New Zealand businesses, which operate in Australia, have unique information technology requirements that differ from firms that conduct business solely in New Zealand.

OneNet solution

OneNet operates its cloud computing platform in Sydney and Melbourne for its Australian-based clients.  These resources may be channelled to address the unique requirements facing firms trading on both sides of the Tasman.

Business benefits

There are many benefits to be gained by working with an agile cloud service provider with cloud computing resources placed in both Australia and New Zealand, as follows:

  • Having one provider to cover two countries is a key advantage.
  • OneNet’s size and focus will likely provide superior customer service.
  • Consistency in technology will reduce costs and enhance performance.
  • Knowledge of licensing issues will reduce costs.
  • Your users will enjoy a single point of reference for support and system enhancement.


Technical solution

Communications links combine OneNet’s three data centres in Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch with its two data centres in Sydney and Melbourne.

OneNet’s computing clouds use almost identical technology in all of its data centres, so that a consistent delivery experience may be achieved. 

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