Internet of Things

The spectacular growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) reflects its impact on the optimisation of manufacturing processes and service operations, improved visibility into operations, as well as enabling new innovative business models and new product and service offerings.

The Internet of Things (IoT) involves tiny low-cost embedded sensors measuring a wide range of states and communicating them, usually wirelessly, through a network.  Sensor information can be collected for real time access and analytical processing, together with immediate autonomous action, if appropriate. 

Highly granular data can be collected from sensors tracking human activity, plant usage and the expenditure of each dollar. The biggest competitive gains will come from using IoT data to better inform decisions.

However, many questions still remain about enterprise IoT’s benefits as it is still a nascent technology and most international companies are only at the earliest stage of implementation.

A number of key questions remain in terms of regulatory, privacy and security concerns.  The inter-operability of alternative IoT operating systems in the early product life cycle stage in the evolution of IoT technologies poses a significant systems integration challenge. Nevertheless, research indicates that global firms are now poised to embark on larger-scale initiatives.

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OneNet provides consulting services to help its clients with their Internet of Things (IoT) journey.  As it is unlikely that a single provider can address all of your requirements in this area, OneNet well qualified to join your IoT team and contribute value to you, according to our strengths.

OneNet’s contribution is based on its own experience with the Internet of Things within its own five data centres, as well as its deep knowledge and skill in large data sets, data communications, security, advanced analytics, cloud computing and systems integration.

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss your IoT goals with you to understand how OneNet may help you.   

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Cloud and Integration

Business challenge

Competitive advantage initiatives are difficult to achieve and their benefits are often fleeting.  The Internet of Things (IoT) offers a competitive advantage journey which, if a firm does not begin, it will likely be quickly left behind by its competitors who do take the plunge.

While this nascent technology is still not fully-fledged, there is sufficient adoption by leading global businesses to provide confidence that this will a sustaining innovation.

Early experience with low-risk proof-of-concept projects allows a firm to build use cases, understand costs, benefits and risks, as well as build an ecosystem of technology partners to expand as confidence in the potential outcomes grows.

The business challenge is to avoid doing nothing until your competitors demonstrate significant advantage, leaving only a high-cost catch-up alternative strategy. 

OneNet solution

The Internet of Things (IoT) market comprises several elements, including the provision of sensors and actuators, networking, software and operating systems, data communications, large volumes of granular data, advanced analytics, computer processing and reporting.

OneNet is well qualified to contribute to your IoT projects with the following resources and skills:

  • Team of innovative, high-intellect, creative engineers and business leaders providing an agile, cost-effective speed-to-market capability.
  • Management of large-scale data sets generated by literally thousands of data points.
  • Computer processing based on cloud-based technology, using Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or OneNet’s own cloud.
  • Cyber-security of the IoT devices, collected data and secure integration with any company data, creating “digital resilience”.
  • Data communications, whether wireless or fibre.
  • Advanced analytics for interpreting the data.
  • Networking between all of the elements of a solution.
  • Systems integration of disparate IoT systems, legacy and new software and data exchange.


OneNet is a pioneer in the application of the Internet of Things (IoT).  Since its inception in 2000, OneNet has been capturing granular data from literally thousands of sensors embedded in information technology assets, all of which communicate over the Internet.  This data is collected and analysed to help OneNet manage its own complex array of technology assets distributed over five data centres. 

Advanced analytics are used to help prevent unplanned outages and optimise the financial investment and retirement of technology assets. Dashboards and alerting systems inform engineers and managers for action. OneNet’s own experience with the Internet of Things (IoT).will help to support your endeavours.

There is no single solution model for your Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives. An early no-commitment discussion would enable you to better understand how OneNet may help you in your Internet of Things journey.

Business benefits

There is a great deal of value to be generated from the Internet of Things (IoT). A few examples follow:

  • IoT systems can take the guesswork out of the reporting that most managers must rely on at present.  Very granular data points may be accessed, aggregated and analysed using advanced analytics to identify opportunities and issues.
  • New innovative business models may be built from IoT data.  How do your customers actually use your products?  Most firms simply do not know.
    Data transmitted by your products while in use by your customers may illuminate new ways to reduce costs and enhance usability and customer satisfaction by eliminating unnecessary features and enhancing the most useful features.
  • The move to servitisation business models, whereby users rent a product as a service, rather than buying it, is a growth market for many industries, including jet engines, truck tyres and, of course, cloud computing.  IoT data from your customer’s use of your products is an enabler for offering your products “as a service”.
  • Depending on your product, IoT data may help to determine likely failure rates, thus enabling preventative maintenance, lowering total product support costs, reducing your customers’ unplanned downtime and increasing customer satisfaction. 


Technical solution

When we help you to define an Internet of Things (IoT) strategy, we will be able to develop a proposal and description of how OneNet’s technical skills and resources may assist you.  

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