Protecting Your Digital Assets

Your critical systems, applications and digital data files are some of your most important assets. No firm is immune to a cyber-attack and all firms are effectively on a hacker’s list, when you are connected to the Internet.

The explosive growth in cyber-attacks has overwhelmed the perennial data security threats such as fire and flood.

OneNet provides a range of server backup and recovery services to enable you to safeguard your most critical digital assets and ensure that your business can continue to operate, no matter what mischief you may face. 

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Backup as a Service

Business challenge

Terms such as “wannacry” and “cryptolocker”, are now widely understood at the boardroom level.  These terms refer to ransomware, whereby your files are hacked, frozen and require a ransom to release them.  Reliable off-site data backups are your most effective defence against cyber-attacks, as well as conventional threats.  

Cyber-attack threats continue to rise in the list of what CEO’s globally view as one of the most significant threats facing their organisations.

OneNet solution

Reliable server data backup and recovery processes are critical to your information-driven business. OneNet’s fully automated Server Backup and Recovery service leverages the powerful “Cloud Connect” features from Veeam to provide continuous protection for critical server environments.

This objective is achieved by electronically moving, or vaulting, data to secure off-site facilities and providing a completely managed and pro-actively monitored service.

Combining proven disk and online technologies, OneNet’s solution radically simplifies the protection of all your company’s servers with reliable, fully automated backup and rapid recovery.

In essence, this solution provides a simple and straightforward solution to back up your data in the cloud. 

Business benefits

OneNet’s fully automated Server Backup and Recovery service provides the following business benefits:

  • Achieves automated data protection with limited or no IT involvement.
  • Automatically moves data off-site.
  • All data is encrypted (scrambled so that it cannot be understood by a third party) and compressed (reduced in size to reduce communication bandwidth costs) before sending and when stored.
  • After the initial backup, only changes in data are sent for storage.
  • Provides reliable backups and data recovery by removing manual intervention.
  • Delivers point-in-time recovery of server data through continuous backup.
  • Archives data with long-term history with a retention period that you define.
  • Central management is provided through a web-based interface, which is ideal for remote support or remote sites.
  • Continuous (as often as every 15 minutes) or scheduled backup.
  • Flexible bandwidth management.
  • VMware ESX, Hyper-V (guests) and physical server support.
  • Database-aware for Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Oracle Database.
  • Support for heterogeneous environments, such as Linux.
  • Removes the costs, hassles and human error associated with tape backup.


Technical solution

The primary technical features of OneNet’s fully automated Server Backup and Recovery service follow:

  • End-to-end encryption – All data is encrypted at its source, in-flight, and at rest without impacting compression ratios or configuring a VPN.
  • Granular restoration – Individual VMs, VMDKs or individual files may be recovered, at any time.
  • Complete visibility – OneNet hosted backup repositories may be accessed and resource consumption tracked from your backup console.
  • State-of-the-art backup – Forever-incremental backups, grandfather-father-son retention policies, WAN acceleration may be leveraged in the backup solution.
  • Easy scheduling – Backups may be made directly to the cloud or an existing backup may be copied continuously, or on a schedule.

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Disaster Recovery Assessment

Complacency is the enemy of readiness.  Too often, firms act as if a disaster is unlikely to occur, or perhaps the costs of significant system downtime is not sufficiently well understood by business leaders.  Onerous legal responsibilities for  your company’s directors are very relevant in this regard.

There is a spectrum of risk versus return.  Firms can invest large sums to prevent and mitigate the effects of a disaster when the risks may not be as high as they are perceived.  Conversely, risks may be much higher in reality than they are perceived, so any investment in mitigating a disaster may be too low.  The opportunity for a mismatch between your investment in disaster recovery and risk is high.

An appropriate process is to engage OneNet to conduct a Disaster Recovery Assessment.  This process will provide you with an independent third-party review of your current disaster recovery plan. 

OneNet’s Disaster Recovery Assessment report will provide an analysis of your current capabilities against your expectations and thereby help you to identify and rectify any gaps between expectations and reality.

OneNet’s Disaster Recovery Assessment report will provide the following benefits:

  • Determine your business leaders’ expectations for your disaster recovery capability.
  • Measure your firm’s current capabilities to meet those expectations.
  • Provide an assessment of the differences between expectations and current capabilities.
  • Enhance your business leaders’ confidence that any issues have been identified and documented.
  • Recommend changes to close any gaps between your business leaders’ expectations and the current situation.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Business challenge

A “disaster” may be defined in a number of ways.  Typically, we consider a fire, an earthquake or other natural disaster, or a complete failure of a power supply or cooling facilities as disasters.  A disaster may be the result of a criminal or terrorist attack.  However, a “disaster” may be defined, an effective and regularly tested disaster recovery (DR) plan is essential to protect your business.

Usually, when you design and build a Disaster Recovery (DR) site, there are major hurdles, namely, the capital cost involved in equipping your DR with the same capability and scale as your primary site, together with the cost of configuring and managing hardware and software.

In essence, a successful DR site requires an effective doubling of your production IT infrastructure costs because it must be able to run your normal IT workloads whenever your primary site fails, for whatever reason.

Creating a highly available disaster recovery system involves more than just being able to recover your data from system outages. It is vital to understand not only what your potential outage risks are, but also what level of downtime your business will tolerate and then design a solution to meet those objectives.

OneNet solution

OneNet provides a range of disaster recovery services to enable you to protect your most valuable digital assets and ensure that your business can recover from whatever disaster occurs to carry on business as usual.

OneNet’s Disaster Recovery as a Service offering helps to overcome the DR investment challenge as a cloud-based solution fits perfectly. By renting IT resources from OneNet on a “pay-as-you-go” business model, you can achieve the same outcome as if you made a full DR investment in IT assets.

IT infrastructure assets required for a full DR capability, such as processor, RAM, data storage and networking are provided by OneNet without your requiring any capital expenditure or the costs and burden of designing and deploying your own DR site.

Business benefits

The primary business benefits of OneNet’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering follow:

  • Rapid and immediate recovery – As you can never be sure when a disaster might strike your business, it is vital to consider just how long you can sustain any downtime?   Depending on the nature of your business, every minute of downtime could potentially result in losses for your organisation.
  • Recovery risk reduced - Your IT risk from a disaster is largely eliminated with a comprehensive OneNet DRaaS solution in place. If a disaster were to strike, full restoration to normal IT operations would be available within minutes.
  • No IT resources required – OneNet’s DRaaS uses its own scalable IT infrastructure, which means that you are not required to make any capital investment in hardware and software. In other words, OneNet’s DRaaS requires far fewer operational and capital resources.

This results in significant savings in software licenses and hardware, allowing you to increase expenditure in other areas of your business.

  • Flexibility – OneNet’s DRaaS is much more flexible than traditional methods. Multiple options are available to handle different business systems and methods to recover from multiple failure scenarios, depending on the type of disaster or issue.
  • Reduce IT burden – Most organisations do not have the internal expertise to effectively manage disaster recovery solutions.  Recovery from a disaster requires a range of in-depth skills, usually applied during times of severe stress.
    Skilled technical resource - OneNet’s DRaaS allows you to leverage the expertise of OneNet’s team of experienced engineers, thus providing you with a more cost-effective and reliable way to implement and support a disaster recovery solution for your business.
  • Complete DRaaS option – OneNet’s DRaaS solution allows a “mix and match” backup and full disaster recovery solution. 

Technical solution

OneNet’s Disaster Recovery as a Service offering employs Veaam’s industry-leading backup technology. Technical information follows: 

  • Simplicity - Virtual Machine (VM) replication is made through Veeam’s Cloud Connect is easy-to-use and straight forward to set up, thanks to a simple single port connectivity via a secure, reliable SSL/TLS connection to OneNet.
  • No VPN connections - There is no need to set up and maintain VPN connections, or open multiple ports in your firewalls.   Fortunately, ALL traffic is encapsulated, including replication management traffic, actual VM data transfers and even inter-VM communication during partial failovers, into the single port.  Once you subscribe to OneNet’s DRaaS and connect to OneNet’s data centres, you will see a virtual cloud host, and a multi-tenant view of your assigned DR site resources with CPU, RAM, storage and networking resource allocation. A cloud host serves as the replication target for the replication jobs that you have set up.
  • Multiple failover options - Failover includes multiple options. Obviously, a full site failover is available, as well as a partial site failover. This means that you may failover just a portion of your workloads while other VMs are still running in the production site.  This advanced capability to perform partial failovers results from a built-in network extension appliance, which simplifies networking complexity.  The system preserves communication between running VMs, regardless of physical location. Accordingly, unlike other solutions, Veeam Cloud Connect Replication will not only manage data replication, but also the network connections between the two sites.

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PC Backup

Business challenge

Up to 80 percent of your company’s vital data may be kept on PCs and laptops.

Theft of laptops is widespread and potential failure from physical damage to laptops or hard drive failure in PCs and laptops can mean the loss of critical data.  

OneNet solution

OneNet’s PC Backup solution provides a simple, secure and automated solution for ensuring that your company’s data residing on PCs and laptops is fully protected.

The OneNet PC Backup solution automatically delivers secure data protection and immediate access to your data files from any PC or laptop connected to the Internet. In the event of a lost or stolen laptop, you can be confident that you can access and restore files whenever and wherever you choose.

Business benefits

In essence, OneNet’s PC Backup solution provides peace-of-mind for protection of your distributed company data.  Further details follow:

  • Valuable company intellectual property is protected.
  • Software applications and data are quickly restored in the event of laptop loss or theft.
  • The burden and cost of maintaining and protecting distributed data on laptops is removed and there is no need to create an off-site tape backup again.
  • All of the data backup processes are automated.
  • Comprehensive protection from hard-disk crashes, viruses and theft is provided.
  • Allows you to concentrate on using your data, not protecting it.
  • Time and expense of storing the same files over and over again is eliminated.
  • Always able to access and retrieve your old or archived emails.
  • One of the industry’s most advanced data protection systems available is employed to protect the distributed data residing on laptops within your organisation.

Technical solution

At a time selected by you, OneNet PC Backup scans your computer every day, looking for changes that you have made since the last backup was performed, and sends them to OneNet’s duplicated storage systems for restoration when you need it.

These changes are encrypted (scrambled so that it cannot be understood by a third party) and compressed (reduced in size to reduce communication bandwidth costs) before being securely transmitted to OneNet’s two geographically separated data centres.

Retrieval of your files only takes a couple of mouse clicks and may be done from any PC connected to the Internet. OneNet PC Backup includes the following features to enable secure, efficient and reliable backup of distributed data:

  • Email backup Optimizer™ – the Email Optimizer will back up your Outlook data files. By tracking your emails and storing attachments separately, the backup process is quick and applied only to new emails or previous emails that have been re-sent. Therefore, you will always be able to access and retrieve your old or archived emails.
  • Backup/retrieve – rapid and automatic backup of PC data and emails over any connection. Data retrieval is typically managed by you, with a few mouse clicks. An icon on the desktop simplifies the process of storing your files and retrieving them in the event of a stolen laptop, PC hard-drive failure or simply testing a restore.
  • myROAM – access your saved files through a secure Internet connection via any PC with a web browser. Data is no longer dependent on a given piece of hardware. Simply visit the portal from any PC connected to the Internet, enter your account number and password, and then open your files.
  • Secure data storage – your computer files are protected by “military-strength” security. One of the highest levels of digital security available is state-of-the art 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) combined with 112-bit Triple-DES encryption. During the transmission of data and while the data is stored at OneNet no third party can view the files unless they have your password and unique encryption key.
  • Superior management – you set the timing for daily or weekly backups and decide what files or folders are backed up or excluded. Once this selection has been done, OneNet PC Backup does the rest, leaving you to concentrate on using the data, not protecting it.
  • Send once – the “Send Once” process backs up common files to a “pool” which prevents extra copies of shared files from being stored in multiple User archives. You will save yourself the time and expense of repeatedly storing the same files.

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Data Backup Assessment

If you have any concerns about the efficacy of your current data backup processes, the first place to start is with an Availability Assessment.  This will provide you with an independent third-party review of your current server backup and recovery strategies.  Your company’s directors, in many cases, now have onerous legal responsibilities to ensure that data integrity is maintained.

Furthermore, it measures those results against your expectations for your business.  Accordingly, the Availability Assessment will assist you to identify and rectify any gaps in alignment.

OneNet’s solution for Backup as a Service should begin with an Availability Assessment, which will provide the following business benefits:

  • Definition of the expectations from your business leaders in terms of backup and data recovery.

  • Review of your existing server backup and recovery solution.  Measurement of those capabilities against your expectations.

  • Improvement in confidence in your server backup and recovery solution by providing an in-depth, third-party review.

  • Identification of any gaps in your current server backup and recovery  solution.

  • Provides recommendations with detailed plans to remedy any deficiencies.

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