Secure Modern Desktop

As the modern workforce demands an ever-growing suite of productivity tools at their disposal, businesses are faced with the conflicting need to facilitate productivity while maintaining a secure IT environment.

OneNet’s Secure Modern Desktop is the premier solution for addressing key challenges faced by organisations in order to keep their staff productive and their applications and data secure, wherever they are working.

The Secure Modern Desktop bundles Microsoft’s market leading Office 365 suite of applications with advanced identity management and threat protection tools to provide a secure and reliable platform for productivity and collaboration.

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Common IT Challenges

Collaboration – Staff do not have the tools to collaborate effectively. This has an impact on the speed and agility of the organisation to respond to dynamic requirements.

Identity – Staff are having to manage multiple usernames and passwords to access applications and data. This often leads to security risks (using simple passwords for multiple sites) not to mention lost productivity.

Remote Access – Staff want to be able to access their applications and data from anywhere. Currently staff face challenges working remotely. The solution is too complex and requires additional third-party software to manage.

Security – There is limited strategy around endpoint protection and managing end user security. There is no cohesive picture of the security of endpoint devices, including messaging and collaboration services, company data as well as the applications installed on end user devices. All of these variables represent a security risk.

Support – Existing support arrangements are not meeting expectations. Users are often frustrated with the responsiveness and quality of support received. Delays in support can lead to user frustration and lost productivity.

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Business Benefits

Collaboration – OneNet’s Secure Modern Desktop solution includes a subscription to Office 365. The subscription includes collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, which enables chat and video conferencing. A key part of Office 365 is the ability for teams to work collaboratively on documents.

Identity – OneNet provides a single user identity based on Microsoft Azure AD which enables users to have a single set of credentials to access a wide range of business critical applications.

Remote Access – The design philosophy of OneNet’s Secure Modern Desktop is that, regardless of where staff are working from, the experience is the same. OneNet utilises the latest Microsoft technologies such as Always On VPN to ensure that secure remote access is as simple as logging into your device and connecting to the internet, regardless of where you are.

Security – Security is a key differentiator of OneNet’s Secure Modern Desktop solution. OneNet layers various security technologies into the solution which, for the most part, operate transparently to the user. Key components of the solution include MFA (Multi Factor Authentication), Azure Sentinel SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), Microsoft Intune for Application and Device Management as well as Bitdefender advanced antivirus. The solution provides a baseline of security that is well in advance of most organization.

Support – OneNet operate a New Zealand based 24x7 Service Desk. The team are highly skilled and over 60% of issues are resolved on first contact. The goal of OneNet’s Service Desk is resolve issues quickly but also, where appropriate, to educate staff to enable them to resolve common issues themselves in future.

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