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OneNet’s Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution helps your team adopt consistent processes and delivers real-time visibility as well as flexible online, offline and mobile access. Because it is fully hosted by OneNet, it is quickly deployed and cost-effective, with no additional software or hardware to purchase. By deploying OneNet’s Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, your business can get immediate results.

Business Benefits

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system. Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you the capability to easily create and maintain a clear view of customers from first contact through purchase and post-sales.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system. Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you the capability to easily create and maintain a clear view of customers from first contact through purchase and post-sales. With tools to enhance your company’s sales, marketing, and customer service processes, together with native Microsoft Office Outlook integration, Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers a fast, flexible, and affordable solution.

Marketing Benefits

A clearer view of customers and more informed marketing investments.
Segment customer lists into distinct benefit groups and then market to one or more of the identified segments using a workflow-driven model. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your marketing professionals can leverage tools for:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Campaign planning and execution
  • Data extraction and cleansing
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Marketing/sales collaboration tools
  • Information-sharing portals

Sales Benefits

Access a complete view of customer data online or offline, and leverage tools that enable your sales professionals to get real-time access to leads, identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and close more deals, faster. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides:

  • Lead and opportunity management
  • Account and contact management
  • Territory management
  • Forecasting and sales analytics
  • Offline and mobile device access
  • Quick access to products, pricing, and quotes

Customer Service Benefits

Respond faster to customer service issues and empower your service organisation to anticipate, address and deliver consistent, efficient customer care that contributes to long-term business profitability. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides functionality for:

  • Account and contact management
  • Case and interaction management
  • Product and contract management
  • Knowledge-base management
  • Service scheduling
  • Workflow across teams and groups
  • Service reporting and analytics

Information Technology as a Service

OneNet allows organisations of any size to purchase information technology resources as a service. This is similar to the way electricity is purchased from a power supply company. With OneNet’s Hosted Microsoft CRM service, business benefits include:

  • Only the service actually used each month is charged for
  • There are no expensive servers to purchase and maintain
  • Software license investment is not required
  • The burden and cost of maintaining and protecting in-house CRM services is removed
  • Future software, hardware and service upgrades are included in the low monthly service fee
  • A stable and reliable CRM service virtually eliminates downtime and improves productivity
  • Mobile freedom, with support, is instantly enabled on virtually any smartphone or tablet

Technical Overview

OneNet’s Hosted Microsoft CRM is built from the ground up to support security and reliability with unmatched scalability. OneNet’s web-based Control Panel is included to enable clients to easily add and remove users and CRM administration is handled from within the CRM environment by your staff who are designated site System Administrators.

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OneNet’s Hosted Microsoft CRM service is built on the industry-leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and Microsoft SQL 2012. OneNet takes advantage of many of the enterprise-availability features that are offered by Microsoft CRM and Microsoft SQL Server 2012. For example, OneNet employs a “nothing shared” architecture and database availability groups (DAGs). This means that every component is, where possible, duplicated so that no single failure can impact the performance or availability of the service.


All access to OneNet’s Hosted Microsoft CRM is controlled via Microsoft Active Directory username and password authentication. Specific password policies can be nominated by your client system administrators.

Access to areas within Microsoft CRM can be configured to be restricted based on the assigned privileges to a user’s login credentials.

The hosted Microsoft CRM service is delivered from OneNet’s robust network and security core which is built on the same “nothing shared” architecture where all components are N+1 configured. That is, if “N” components are required, then there is always an extra “1” available for replacement. This means that there is always at least one component of the system available to automatically replace the service of a faulty one.

Enterprise-class Cisco Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention systems continually monitor the environment and mitigate security threats.

OneNet’s infrastructure is located in New Zealand Tier 3 data centres, and is protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by on-site security personnel. The premises are controlled by sophisticated on-site security systems consisting of closed-circuit surveillance cameras and electronic tracking systems to ensure the highest level of physical security for OneNet’s Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM service.

Control Panel

OneNet’s web-based Control Panel allows you to manage your own user creation and deletion processes without the need to contact OneNet. This means that you would appoint an internal System Administrator who is then able to complete almost any Microsoft CRM related task via the Administrator controls within Microsoft CRM including:

  • Site creation and deletion
  • Password reset
  • Delegate roles
  • Administer user access and privileges

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