Infrastructure and Data Centres

OneNet’s primary data centre has set new standards in the New Zealand data centre marketplace and ensures that OneNet continues to offer its clients the enterprise-class services that they require. Underpinned by this data centre, OneNet continues to build out a comprehensive array of cloud services designed for the needs of its clients.


Key attributes of the centre include:

  • IL3-certified structural strength (more strength than a normal commercial building)
  • A site power capacity of 8MVA with the ability to support individual racks, without special assistance, of up to 15kW
  • A dedicated power feed from the local electrical substation
  • Tier-3+ (nearly Tier-4 in all respects) plant redundancy
  • Inert gas fire protection
  • Dual feed redundant power by default to all rack locations
  • Onsite N+1 diesel generators
  • N+1 cooling infrastructure and “free cooling” when available
  • 24×7 day on-site operational management


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