Moving to the Cloud

Considering moving your messaging and collaboration suite to the cloud? You’ll want to partner with a provider who is focused on cloud computing and can offer a stable and robust solution with dedicated support.

If your email isn’t working and you can’t get hold of anyone to help, it’s unlikely you’ll be happy with an alternative, bargain basement, deal.

OneNet has been providing cloud based solutions since 2001 and has a reputation for delivering a fantastic service and unrivalled local support. Furthermore, our servers are located in New Zealand, providing you with the best performance and confidence in the security and integrity of your data. If you’re considering an alternative hosted offshore, such as Office 365, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Data Sovereignty
    When your data is stored offshore it may be subject to the laws and rules of the country(s) the data is stored in. Divergent rules on data privacy, data retention, law enforcement access to user data and other issues can lead to ambiguity and significant legal challenges. Do you really want your data to be exposed to these sorts of uncertainties and risks?
  • Local Support
    Local support has a multitude of advantages. Our team of dedicated, New Zealand based, support engineers are there when you need them. Support from offshore providers is often handled by teams when language barriers and time zones can cause extreme frustration, and being able to talk to someone who can actually assist is  the exception rather than the norm.
  • Mailbox Storage Limits
    While other providers impose Mailbox storage limits, OneNet does not impose limits on mailboxes quotas.
  • Public Folders
    Some third party providers, such as Office 365, have eliminated Public Folder functionality. This important collaboration tool, heavily used by some organisations, is part of the standard default offering from OneNet allowing you and your users to continue to work the way you are accustomed to.
  • Microsoft Outlook
    OneNet provides a copy of the latest version of Microsoft Outlook (or Outlook for Mac) with each Hosted Exchange subscription enabling you to take advantage of all the latest features of Microsoft Exchange.
  • Industry Leading Technologies
    While vendor delivered solutions such as Office 365 are compelled to use their own technologies for each component of their solution, OneNet is able to select the best of breed technology for each component. For example OneNet has selected Mail Marshal for email scrubbing and McAfee for antivirus scanning or messages. The freedom to choose the best solutions and combine them enables OneNet to deliver the best overall solution.
  • Industry Leading Control Panel
    While some control panels only provide a small subset of user functionality, OneNet’s control panel allows organisations to complete virtually any Exchange related task they might want to. Yet at the same time it is simple and intuitive enough for tasks to be delegated to administrative staff. Changes can be made when you want them, without needing to contact OneNet.
  • Performance
    Unlike Office 365, OneNet’s servers are locally hosted in New Zealand. We peer with local ISP’s to provide the most cost effective and efficient connectivity to our clients. The end result is a solution that provides superb performance and responsiveness at an affordable price.
  • Minimum Term Agreements
    Unlike other providers, OneNet is so confident that you will be delighted with your experience that we do not force you in to long term contracts. Plans can be offered on a monthly basis and we are able to provide free trials for further piece of mind.
  • Experience and Focus
    Delivering cloud computing solutions isn’t an adjunct to our core business. Nor is it something that we have only added to our portfolio as it has become popular. OneNet has been delivering cloud computing solutions since 2001 and it is the sole focus of our organisation. This focus and market specialisation allows us to deliver the robust and reliable cloud solutions that we are known for.

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