What is Cloud Computing?

The concept of cloud computing in the information technology market may be explained in terms that are familiar in other markets. As a simple example, the idea that one can draw water through a tap whenever it is needed and that only the volume consumed is charged for, is at the essence of the cloud computing concept.

The consumption of electricity is a similar example in the sense that once a building or home is connected to the distribution power grid, a consumer can use as much or as little power as is required and only pay for the amount actually consumed. Both power and water suppliers also charge a fixed distribution fee for the pipes and power lines involved.

OneNet offers the computing power, information storage and software applications required by its business clients, delivered over the Internet.

Clients may choose as much or as little computing and software application resource from OneNet as they wish, thus drawing information technology from a “tap” and only paying for what they actually consume.

The concept of cloud computing is also reflected in the term “software as a service” or “SaaS”. This is a very similar idea in that software vendors offer their applications over the Internet with processing and storage provided from a remote data centre.

Another major variant of cloud computing is “infrastructure as a service”, or “IaaS”, which means that computing resources are made available “on demand”.

The essence of the benefits of infrastructure as a service are that the user organisation does not need to buy and manage complex servers, security systems and worry about “up-time”, data backups or running out of computing capacity with growth.

The concept of an IT pricing model which is based on usage, whether by quantity of data or a cost per user, per month, with no hidden costs, is a very appealing value proposition.

Organisations which have the ability to treat their IT infrastructure costs as variable, paying only for what they actually use, while being able to match costs exactly with demand, benefit enormously from OneNet’s cloud computing services.

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