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The sky’s the limit for cloud computing. Science World Report
The shift of computing to the cloud is as significant as the rise of the PC. Financial Times
The point of moving to the cloud is to slash the unit costs of computing. Financial Times
Cloud computing has risen to become a strategic technology that is imperative for IT professionals. Ovum
Enterprise firms have proven that they can innovate with the cloud as a strategic technology. Ovum
The tectonic shift in the IT industry caused by cloud computing is paving the way for a few years of big-time disruption.
People cost more each year. Servers don't, so outsourcing to cloud providers is a logical step.
Every business is a digital business and enterprises need a game plan to use cloud computing to their advantage. Wall Street Journal
Cloud technologies have the means to exponentially increase performance, regardless of the industry. Wired
Everybody is realizing that the cloud can be a vehicle for achieving better economics and lower cost. Wall Street Journal
It’s flexible, adaptable, accessible, fast and efficient. It’s cloud computing, and it’s the utility knife of modern business. Bloomberg Businessweek
It’s clear that the use of cloud computing has a positive benefit on the bottom line of most organisations. Datamation
Remaining competitive while cutting costs at the same time sounds like a far-fetched goal, but that’s the promise of cloud computing. Computing
Businesses using cloud computing for competitive advantage can generate double revenue and profit growth compared to their peers. IBM Study
Cloud has passed the tipping point, it is now mainstream. 451 Research
Cloud impact can be as big as the advent of computing itself. Economist Intelligence Unit
More than 57% of surveyed executives say they are leveraging the cloud to create new revenue-producing products and services – up from 42% a year ago. Forbes
Many customers are outsourcing operations to so-called cloud services, reducing spending on both computers and software. Wall Street Journal
U.S survey finds a strong correlation between those furthest along in adopting cloud computing and bottom line results. Oxford Economics
Cloud computing is here to stay; it’s time companies extracted full benefit from it. The Economic Times
Companies moving aggressively to adopt cloud computing are winning competitive advantage by reducing complexity and increasing business agility. Harvard Business Review Analytic Services
Huge investments and differentiated services provided by cloud leave no doubt that it’s being aggressively used and adopted. Market Realist
The cloud business today represents a tiny slice of the overall information technology market, but it is where the market is headed. New York Times
The centre of gravity for new application development and deployment is shifting from in-house to cloud-first. 2014
Cloud computing is all the rage, and likely to remain that way. Forbes
Cloud computing may be the real defining battle of the computing industry. Bloomberg
Corporate customers are changing their buying habits. More and more of them are opting for an ‘as-a-service’ model instead of investing in clunky, costly hardware. Fortune
81% of U.S. businesses cite cloud computing as a competitive advantage over rivals. Frost & Sullivan
One thing is clear: cloud computing is coming of age. The New York Times
Businesses of all types and sizes are now realizing that cloud is now a viable alternative to traditional, in-house IT. CIO
Cloud computing helps you move to a business model that delivers cost-effective IT services. CIO
The cloud services model is being proven in both the consumer and enterprise markets. CIO
Many businesses will eventually migrate away from running their own data centres in favour of infrastructure in the cloud. Gartner
Cloud IaaS is not a commodity. Providers vary significantly in their features, performance, cost and business terms. Gartner
NZ organisations are committed to shifting their IT needs off premises and into the cloud. IDC
The first question about the cloud is a settled matter – not a question of if, but when and how. CIO
The cloud is helping startups grow lightning-fast. TIME
Cloud computing is moving closer to the centre of executives’ strategy discussions. McKinsey & Company
The pace of adoption of cloud-based platforms will not abate for quite some time. IDC
Businesses that used to buy servers will increasingly rent computing services in the cloud instead. The Economist
Cloud computing is going to change everything, whether you like it or not. Business Insider
The rise of cloud computing has opened new ways in which companies can make their IT operations more efficient. Wall Street Journal
Visionary manufacturers are embracing cloud computing so they can focus solely on their strengths as manufacturers.
Cloud was found to be one of the most effective ways to increase the productivity and outcomes of companies. CloudTweaksNews
The enterprise is moving inexorably towards the cloud. CIO
Enterprises that depend on the cloud for new revenue streams need the help of trusted partners to take the next step. Bloomberg Businessweek
As companies are challenged to drive innovation, their approach to cloud is often synonymous with their success. Bloomberg Businessweek
Since strategic cloud adoption can eliminate inefficiencies in business processes, as well as identify new revenue streams, it’s no wonder companies want to get on board. Bloomberg Businessweek
Cloud users are realizing benefits that impact business directly via agility, simplicity, collaboration and innovation. IDC
Cloud lets firms focus on strategy versus day-to-day operations, allowing them to provision new services faster, reduce IT costs and drive more revenue. IDC
Companies have come to realise that using cloud to its fullest potential requires a set of skills that their internal IT departments often don’t have. Bloomberg Businessweek
By choosing cloud providers that also provide managed services, firms gain savings by avoiding capital outlay and cure the skills gap at the same time. Bloomberg Businessweek
Cloud is becoming a primary platform for business as organisations are freed from the constraints of building and maintaining infrastructure and can instead focus on advancing their core business. Bloomberg Businessweek
Cloud computing is in a period of realisation from speculation and hype to widespread adoption by the ICT community. Investment and Research
It's a big shift. The cloud has arrived. It's inevitable. Forrester Research
Shifting computer power to the cloud brings many benefits. The Economist
Compared with older IT systems, cloud computing is often much cheaper. The Economist
Cloud services tend to be more secure, since providers know better than their customers how to protect their computing systems against hackers. The Economist
The shift to cloud is the biggest upheaval in the IT industry since smaller, networked machines dethroned mainframe computers in the early 1990’s. The Economist
Cloud computing allows firms to tap into cutting-edge technology in areas such as security, which most companies would be hard-pressed to update as frequently on their own. Wall Street Journal
By 2020, the shift from on-premise computing to cloud computing will affect more than $1 Trillion in global IT spending. Gartner
As cloud providers continue to develop new tools and services, big corporations have bought into the fact that they can get newer and better innovations and technology than anything they can do for themselves. Wall Street Journal
By 2020, global spending on cloud services will nearly equal what is spent on traditional, or on-premise IT. IDC
Over 41% of corporate IT workloads at big companies are expected to be running in the public cloud within the next five years. Wall Street Journal
By 2020, more compute power will have been sold by cloud service providers to enterprises than sold and deployed into on-premise enterprise data centres. Forbes
Cloud computing is one of the most disruptive forces of IT spending since the early days of the digital age. Gartner
Cloud computing allows companies to shift costs from capital budgets to operating budgets and purchase only the compute resource they need, on demand. Wall Street Journal
Cloud computing can accommodate a mobile workforce that accesses its tools from just about anywhere. Wall Street Journal
The on-premise computing model is under pressure as more companies tire of buying, upgrading and maintaining reams of hardware when they can rent that capacity. Fortune
Cloud computing is becoming a primary platform for business as organisations are freed from the constraints of building and maintaining infrastructure and can instead focus on advancing their core business. Bloomberg Businessweek
There’s widespread acknowledgement that cloud computing is one of the best ways to increase productivity within organisations. Forbes

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