OneNet provides its Business Partner resellers with a simple and rewarding way to capitalise on the rise of cloud computing.

In 1999, when clouds were still associated with the weather, the team at Financial Systems Limited had a vision for the future of computing. The future they envisioned was centred around a concept then known as “on-demand” computing and is now known as cloud computing. This led to the birth of OneNet in 2000.

Become a Business Partner

A OneNet Business Partner's perspective

A global charity, with a significant presence in New Zealand with more than 450 staff, had a primary focus on building greater resiliency in its information systems.  Their computer system provider, who is a OneNet Business Partner, introduced their client to OneNet to help design a cloud computing solution.  

Working with our mutual client, OneNet and our Business Partner reseller collaborated to design a robust solution to provide a scalable resilient system across multiple geographic locations.  The OneNet Business Partner continues to maintain full control of their client relationship, is invoiced by OneNet at reseller wholesale pricing rates, has full visibility of OneNet’s cloud computing solution for their client, maintains their client’s on-site computing requirements and conducts joint account management calls with their assigned OneNet account manager. 

Partnering with Traditional IT Firms to Deliver Cloud Services to their Clients

As with all transformational transitions in technology, the emergence of cloud computing comes with its own challenges and opportunities. OneNet saw an opportunity to support traditional IT businesses transition from a business model based largely on on-site infrastructure, software and support, to the provision of cloud services. 

Today, OneNet had over 200 business partner resellers across New Zealand. This complimentary combination of cloud hosting and onsite servicing skills has proved a successful recipe for hundreds of end-user organisations. 

Become a Reseller

Why become a OneNet Business Partner Reseller?

Reseller benefits

Business Partner confidence

OneNet enjoys a high level of partner confidence in its cloud solutions. All services have daily backups, security protection, automated monitoring, and access to our 24/7 New Zealand-based service desk. 


Local service and support

OneNet delivers its New Zealand cloud services from three data centres, thus allowing OneNet to control and optimise its infrastructure quality, while using faster and lower-cost communications. 


Future focused

Partnering with OneNet allows your business to reposition itself as a modern IT provider to your client base, as well as generating new recurring and sustainable profit streams.  


Dedicated account management

OneNet enables you to sell enterprise-class cloud services with the support of a dedicated account manager to help maximise your success, thus ensuring your client’s journey to the cloud is also successful. 


No minimum commitment

OneNet’s philosophy is to make business simple for you. Long-term contracts for most cloud services are not required and a 30-day trail is available to test and demonstrate OneNet’s cloud services. 


Focus on building your business

As a OneNet Business Partner, you can focus your energy on building your cloud services business without the expensive distraction of building and supporting your own computing cloud.


Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

OneNet’s Desktop as a Service solution delivers users’ applications and documents as a consistent desktop environment to wherever they need it. No more copying files to different devices or concerns about hardware failure, backups, or antivirus. 


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

OneNet’s Infrastructure as a Service allows businesses to move their applications to the cloud, thereby eliminating the risk and cost involved in maintaining on-site hardware. Important functions such as backup, antivirus, and security are all included. 


Disaster Recovery as a Service

OneNet provides its clients with business continuity solutions so that, in the event of a major server failure or outage, OneNet can quickly restore your critical business functions on its own cloud, accessible from anywhere. 


Server Backup and Retention

OneNet’s server backup service offers businesses a cost-effective solution to backing up server data off-site. Extended retention periods and ease of secure data restoration over a LAN or Internet connection are major benefits. 


Hosted Exchange

OneNet’s Hosted Exchange is a reliable and secure email service, hosted completely in New Zealand. With local, highly skilled support and effective management through our control panel, OneNet’s hosted exchange is a premium solution for business email. 

Client benefits

Only pay for the IT services you need

It is difficult to right-size the amount of IT fixed assets for your business.  As OneNet’s cloud services are only charged on usage, you only pay for exactly what you need.  


Predictable monthly IT costs

You do not like uncertain IT costs.  With OneNet’s cloud services, you can have confidence that every month’s IT costs are predictable, well understood and are based on actual usage.


No capital expenditure

Usually, you either have too much or too little computing resource.  Upgrades are expensive and disruptive.  With OneNet’s cloud services, there is no requirement for expensive and disruptive cyclical hardware upgrades. 


Any application as a cloud service

If your business has customised software, OneNet can, invariably, deliver that software to your users as a cloud service, so you can gain all of the benefits of cloud computing.


All client data is held in New Zealand

All of your data is kept within OneNet’s secure data centres in New Zealand.  There is no risk of your data being lost, seized or inspected by any overseas authority.


Save time and increase productivity

OneNet’s cloud services allow you to increase your staff productivity by focusing more on what you do best to create value for your customers, and not on technology issues.  

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