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New Zealand - The New Frontier Beyond Today's Threat Landscape

There is a Reason why New Zealand is the Bolthole of North America's Tech Elite

The growing interest of the IT moguls of Silicon Valley in New Zealand as the ultimate safe haven in case of global collapse indicates how the country’s unique attributes make it an ideal site for everything that matters to you and your business, including your data.

Time is gold and data is king.

So, whether it’s a global pandemic, economic crisis or a natural disaster, you want to be ready with your data to get your business up and running ASAP.

To do this, data accessibility, security and integrity are crucial. As such, you want to make sure you follow the 3-2-1 rule for data backups.

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The 3-2-1 Rule

  • You need 3 copies of your data
  • You need to store the copies on 2 different media.
  • You need to keep 1 backup copy offsite.

This leaves your data out of the mercy of both internal and external threats.

With Veeam, it’s easy to implement the 3-2-1 backup rule for your BaaS or DRaaS backups.


But the big question here is: Where do you store your 1 offsite backup copy?

OneNet and Veeam in New Zealand - The Perfect Combination


  • New Zealand is a clean and green paradise located thousands of miles away from the infection centers in North America and Europe.
  • OneNet and Veeam are the ideal partners you can trust to provide software solutions critical to crisis management, emergency response and business continuity – tailored to how your teams and organization work.
  • Your data is kept under lock and key in the same place billionaires have chosen for themselves and their families to survive a global pandemic.

 So, if you’re planning ahead to ensure you stay in control and go about business as usual in the event of a major health crisis, environmental catastrophe or economic upheaval, keep your data safe and sound in New Zealand with OneNet and Veeam.

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  • OneNet is an ISO27001 accredited managed service provider (MSP) so you can be certain it operates to the highest levels of information security management standards.
  • OneNet is a trusted partner in the realms of data security, having served multiple clients for over 30 years.
  • OneNet’s award-winning data centers are powered by 100% renewable energy, so there is ZERO ozone depletion and ZERO impact on global warming.


  • Veeam is a multi-awarded, 5-Star rated recipient of CRN accolades, including being part of the 2020 CRN Data Center 50 List and the 2020 Storage 100.
  • Veeam is recognized by analysts as best in class in the industry according to the Next-Gen Hyper-Convergence Meets Next-Gen Data Protection report published in November 2019.

New Zealand

  • New Zealand has one of the most stable political environments according to the latest World Bank political stability index data, so you can benefit from the country’s security, stability and order.
  • New Zealand is committed to ensuring carbon neutrality by 2050, so your corporate environmental sustainability goals are assured and met.

Stay in Control in the Middle of Chaos

OneNet and Veeam pave the way in software solutions designed to keep your business up and running even in the direst circumstances. So, you can get things done even when you’ve no access to your office and physical assets.

 With the tailored solutions we offer, you’ll be ready to roll out robust new processes in the shortest possible time. You can enjoy enhanced workflow, data security, productivity and business continuity – even in the midst of a global pandemic



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Fast, Safe, Reliable Solutions with OneNet and Veeam in New Zealand

With OneNet and Veeam, you’ll be ready to face all types of crises and continuity challenges.
It’s time to partner with us, now.



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