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Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Reducing the cost of IT ownership, while enhancing your organisational capability and improving security, are key drivers complicating the decisions surrounding your desktop strategy.

Many organisations need to retain control and security while providing flexibility to end users. This journey has led organisations towards creating a virtual desktop strategy supported by a collaborative, agile and open IT model, namely, technologies delivered as a service. Often, businesses are constrained by ageing desktop infrastructure and operating systems, coupled with rising support costs.  All of these pressures are occurring at a time when security threats are at an all-time high and the ability to protect applications and data are top-of-mind.

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Business benefits

OneNet’s Desktop as a Service uses proven technology to address the need for agility, control and security.

Using our expertise and economies of scale, OneNet’s Desktop as a Service  solution offers a simple-to-manage, scalable and secure environment providing the following business benefits: 

  • Enables simpler control of your desktop environment
  • You no longer need to be concerned with servers, storage, backups, operating system, security and administration costs
  • Lowers your cost of software delivery to your users
  • Provides greater business flexibility and agility
  • The freedom for your users to securely access their desktop from anywhere
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Desktop as a Service in Detail

OneNet solution

OneNet provides a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution platform, which enables you to deliver your applications to your users, simply and securely.  

Hosted or virtual desktops for your users are managed from OneNet’s infrastructure, within its data centres. This means that all of your desktop software may be securely delivered to all of your users, wherever they are located and to almost any user device. 

Your users will see the same applications on a hosted desktop and will operate in the same way. A hosted desktop looks similar to a PC, but does not have any local data storage and all of the processing is performed on centralised servers in OneNet’s data centres.

Almost any software may be delivered to your users with OneNet’s DaaS. This includes your line-of-business software, which may be heavily customised standard applications, as well as custom-built software.

Typically, you will retain your existing business relationships with your current application software vendors. Application support is likely to still be provided to you by your existing application support provider.

OneNet’s team of systems engineers provides virtual desktop upgrade services, system monitoring and support 24/7, security filters, data backups and maintains system up time in excess of 99.9% over the long term as an integral part of the low, per user, monthly fee.

Technical solution

All of the equipment supporting OneNet’s Desktop as a Service solution is connected to a highly available core network and security infrastructure owned and managed by OneNet.  

OneNet’s core network environment comprises state-of-the-art Cisco enterprise-class equipment.  All core switches and security equipment are duplicated, thus ensuring no single points of network failure exist.

Your applications are delivered to your users via Citrix XenApp as the underlying desktop virtualisation platform. OneNet has deployed this technology across many existing clients and has found the performance, stability and security of the environment provides a compelling reason for migration.

The OneNet DaaS environment encompasses many of the same components as those found in large enterprise deployments of similar solutions. The major difference is that OneNet’s desktop as a service environment is delivered as a fully managed and scalable solution, charged on a per user per month pricing model.

The features of OneNet’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) service offering include the following:

  • User management and permissions with highly available Active Directory.
  • Domain Services Secure Access with  Citrix NetScaler Application Delivery Controllers.
  • Scalable and consistent desktops deployed with Citrix Machine Creation Services.
  • Secure file storage based on Windows Server.
  • Managed web browsing with web content and security filtering.
  • Managed security and patching with centrally deployed policies and updates.

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