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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

A common challenge for most businesses is to stay nimble and responsive while, at the same time, ensuring that ever-increasing pressure on IT budgets are met.

As it is not possible to create competitive advantage from owning IT infrastructure, the opportunity to “rent” your required resource, as and when it is required, while only paying for what is actually used, is a compelling argument. It is very difficult for your firm to “right-size” your hardware resources.  There tends to be either too much or too little.  Expansion of resource is often a lengthy process. An infrastructure as a service business model provides rapid provisioning and scalable resource with a competitive variable cost pricing model.

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Business benefits

It is simple to add and delete resources as your workloads requirements change.  Importantly, you only pay for what you use without any concerns about the underlying infrastructure capacity or capital costs.

With OneNet’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering, your benefits include the following:

  • Only the service actually used each month is charged for
  • Server resource can be matched exactly to your requirements
  • Server resources may be scaled up and down as demand changes
  • There is no expensive hardware to purchase and maintain
  • Software license investment is not required
  • The burden and cost of maintaining and protecting in-house server infrastructure is removed
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Infrastructure as a Service in Detail

OneNet solution

OneNet provides highly available and scalable virtual server resources that you may provision and de-provision, as required.

OneNet’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud service provides scalable infrastructure and computing resource, enterprise-class server, network, security and storage platforms.

A suite of management and monitoring tools gives you visibility into your environment and actionable insight into the performance of your servers and applications. OneNet’s professional services team manages, monitors and supports the entire environment to help you, whenever you need it.

OneNet proactively monitors and manages server performance to ensure that the server resources employed by you are always available, thus allowing your business to focus on less mundane activities.

Alerts, performance metrics and custom reporting, based on your specific requirements, may be configured and provided to you, whenever you may require them.  This means that you may monitor the health of the servers, services and applications allocated to you.

Technical solution

OneNet’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) service offering centers on a robust, high availability and scalable architecture.  OneNet’s team of highly skilled professional engineers integrate best-in-class technology components to deliver a reliable and high performance service.

Further technical features and details follow: 

  • IaaS services provided on highly scalable and redundant servers, with enterprise-class storage.
  • Deploys Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation.
  • Supports heterogeneous environments, including Windows or Linux virtual machines.
  • Leverages Virtual Network and Cisco Firewall infrastructure which enables secure accessibility via the Internet or dedicated WAN connections.
  • Housed in Orbit Drive and Kapua Tier 3+ data centres.
  • Built on OneNet’s highly-available network and security core.
  • Infrastructure monitoring and alerting 24x7x365, incident response, proactive troubleshooting and access to OneNet’s Service Desk.


OneNet’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) standard service offering includes the following features:

  • Server operating system.
  • Managed automated patching.
  • Managed antivirus deployment.
  • Monitoring services over 24x7x365 for server, storage, network and security, including performance data.
  • Backup and archive services.
  • Managed network and firewall.


OneNet’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) standard service offering may be augmented with the following chargeable options:

  • Additional Microsoft licensing, such as Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Replication to a secondary site for disaster recovery.
  • Replication to a secondary site for high availability.
  • Load-balancing solutions.
  • Managed Internet services.
  • Application delivery support.
  • Dedicated health status portal for your hosted infrastructure.

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