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Migrating your email and office software to Office 365 can present significant challenges. After numerous successful migrations, OneNet is well positioned to be your Office 365 Partner.

Moving to Office 365 is a multi-phased project that often requires technical consulting and support. Transitioning all elements of the Office 365 Suite consistently whilst allaying security fears calls for proven techniques and experienced practitioners. OneNet’s Office 365 migration services have helped many companies seamlessly migrate to Office 365 with minimal business disruption.

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Business benefits

OneNet can help take the complexity and risk out of deploying and managing Office 365 across your organisation. OneNet’s expertise and experience will help you to harness the power of Office 365 with a minimum of burden on your internal IT team.

  • Access to expertise – 24x7x365 access to OneNet’s enterprise-class Office 365 support specialists.
  • Fast return on investment – OneNet provides support insetting up, using and encouraging end user adoption for all Office 365 solutions and features.
  • Efficient on-boarding – OneNet has a team of dedicated support professionals to provide full assistance with email migration, system set up and deployment.  This resource will ensure that your migration is made with as little disruption as possible to your users.
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Office 365 in Detail

OneNet solution

    • Assessment and planning - Not every Office 365 solution is the same. OneNet’s team will assess your current environment, understand your requirements and determine what Office 365 services and plans suit you best.
      Depending on your exact requirements, OneNet will design a solution and migration strategy that meets your objectives with a minimum downtime and provides rapid return on investment. OneNet engineers will be assigned to assist you through the migration process and will be your point of contact throughout the migration.
    • Migration - At an agreed time, OneNet will migrate your data from your existing environment to Office 365. Our objective during the migration is to keep you informed throughout the process and minimise downtime.
      OneNet has performed hundreds of email migrations from numerous platforms so you can be confident that there will be as little disruption to your business as possible.
    • Documentation - As part of the migration process OneNet will provide you with comprehensive documentation on setting up your local computers and mobile devices to connect to Office 365. If preferred, OneNet can manage this process for you via remote support or with on-site engineers.
    • Post-migration support – Following your email migration to Office 365, OneNet will complete a series of tests to ensure that the migration has been successful. Subsequent to this, OneNet’s Service Desk is able to assist with any questions or issues.
    • Optimisation - An often overlooked, but critical step, is optimisation. Subsequent to the migration, OneNet will re-engage with you to ensure that your team is deriving the maximum benefit from your Office 365 subscription.
      As part of the optimisation process, additional services may be considered or services that are not required may be removed. Optimisation is an on-going process as new services are introduced and as your requirements change.


    OneNet has proven experience in the following Office 365 migration activities: 

    • Implementing single sign-on with Active Directory Federation Services to get the best of both Office 365 and your familiar on-premise solutions.
    • Helping to set realistic expectations and noting that like-for-like migrations for previous versions of SharePoint and file shares do not exist.
    • Using migration tools to assist importing data into Office 365 so that users’ emails are waiting for them prior to transition.
    • Introducing options such as file-sharing programs to replace large file attachments so that users maintain similar capabilities.
    • Running staged migration projects to minimise risk and add capability at an appropriate cycle.
    • Working through security concerns to ensure your employees that Microsoft takes security seriously. 


    Moving to Office 365 is a multi-phased project that often requires technical consulting and support. OneNet’s Office 365 migration services have helped many companies seamlessly migrate to Office 365 with minimal business disruption.  

Technical solution

The Office 365 solution is provided to you as a hosted service delivered from Microsoft’s own cloud. Further technical features may be found at

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